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Smartphone Food Photography | Lenses + Portrait mode


– Hey, everyone! Today, I'm gonna talk about phones that have different lenses It's okay if you don't have an iPhone

I do happen to use iPhone, but this will still be applicable So I'm gonna talk about different lenses I use, as well as the different shooting modes I use whenever I'm doing food and beverage I'm Leigh Loftus, a 10-year food-and-beverage photographer I've worked with chefs, restaurants, and hotels across the US, and this channel's dedicated to helping you fill the gaps between whenever you hire professionals to get better food and beverage photos So subscribe over here, follow us every Tuesday, to pick up new tips and tricks

(upbeat music) So we're gonna dive right in, and the way to tell if you have two lenses is by looking at the back of your phone You're gonna have, actually two lenses here, so I wanna just explain, whenever I'm shooting food and beverage I'll change my lens probably two or three times depending on the look I'm going for, for that dish So the default lens is a 28 millimeter lens and you guys may have noticed whenever your taking photos, your plate will stretch or your glass will stretch, comment with the word a little bit wonky stretch or wonky stretch below, let me know below if you've ever experience that That's because it's a wide angle lens and it's not very good for taking photos of anything with detail so like your dishes or your cocktails The other lens is a 56 millimeter lens which is still pretty wide, however it's going to start to tighten up everything in your photos, so whenever your capturing things that have a lot of detail, again your dishes or your drinks, that's going to be a bit more ideal

And the point in knowing the difference is your in charge, so sometimes the wide angle is really great for overhead or you want to use the 56 millimeter, the zoom lens which gets you more of a crop and a tighter focus, and starts to build that depth of field that everyone talks about, which were going to address later on in this video in the portrait setting so it makes the background softer Okay, so right here on your camera if you have two lenses it has a 1x and if you tap that button it switches to the second lens Now whenever I'm shotting with my professional cameras, I actually use zoom lenses to shoot food and beverage because a wide angle lens tends to stretch everything out and when your shooting close up or detail things like faces and/or food and beverage you don't want your glasses to stretch or your plates to stretch, I'm sure you guys have seen that where, look right here, that plate is looking a little wonky So if I use my second lens, then I can be more particular about how the shot looks, it also compresses that background really nicely So when I was on the first lens everything stretches out, when you go to the second lens it builds a nice stack and starts to create the depth effect

So now were going to talk about the portrait mode, and portrait mode I actually have a pretty big love-hate relationship with, so I know that you guys have probably noticed, comment below with blur, if you've taken shots with your portrait setting, and it's of a wine glass and the wine glass completely disappears, you just have wine floating on a stem So the reason that happens is you can't actually control your aperture, it's a digital control so it's trying to understand what it is your focusing on The way that I've found to use that is if your focusing on a dish, and you build your frame, actually again, subscribe, were going to do a entire composition tutorial, so if you build your frame, use your portrait mode to focus on a dish as opposed to anything that has glassware or handles, then it starts to fall nicely so you can have cocktails, you can have wine, and it does what our professional lenses would do but I'd make the primary focus a dish as opposed to a drink So now I have my portrait mode open which you can see right down here, on this you unfortunately cannot chose between the two lenses because I actually do think that would help, technically if they allowed you to do that And you can see up here it's telling you to move farther away, when your in portrait mode you need to be between two and eight feet from your subject, so right now I'm probably 1 1/2, so I'm going to back up, sometimes you gotta shake up the camera and like reset it, but now I'm about two feet away and you can see here that this glass starts to really get blurred, so that's why I tend not to love it, unless you move yourself farther, change the description of like, change the placement of where your items are, and you can see that glass is getting pulled in more

That back one I'm okay with being blurred because it's so far in the background but this front glass I really didn't want to lose that much, you control that setting by physically moving yourself So I like this shot, I think this is a pretty good area Set my AE/AF lock, and go ahead and snap that photo So now you know the difference between your lenses and which mode you can use whenever your shooting your food and beverage I really want to drill home, I'm going to drill home over and over that your in charge of your photos, don't let your phone be in charge, you make the decision on what lens you want to use and why you want to use it

Knowing is much different than actually doing, so just like when you were taught in culinary school how to make this perfect dish, or how to make the perfect sauce, you actually go practice it So again, we want to invite you to our Facebook page I actually run it, so you can get one on one advice from me on how to make your photos better but practice these tools, go to our Facebook page, upload, let us know what you are practicing and I can give you feedback, and help you become a better photographer We want to thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope it helped you, comment help below or like it, to let us know that you like what we are providing for you and definitely share with friends, we love spreading the word we want to make all of you amazing photographers (upbeat music)

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