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Smartphone-Ende für 10 Millionen Euro?


How would you decide? Either that? Or 10 million euros and not more? Either or: Either there are 10 million euros and you must never again use your smartphone Never again! Or use some smartphone

Or you can not get anything and everything stays the same 10 million Now

? I did not say that I have the 10 million with me 10 million euros! What? Yes! Okay, I mean you know that you're completely cut off from that modern communication world? But I can do other things I can travel I think I would just go on like this

Would not get anything then Hello? 10 million euros? Yes, but for me the smartphone has become too important then I would keep my smartphone Really? Yes! 10 million euros? Because then I build my Instagram business and then earn so much! Sounds like a plan! Yes! But I would keep it then Indeed

So I would keep my smartphone

Source: Youtube

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