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SMARTPHONE COME UNA VERA CONSOLE! ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Microsoft Project xCloud


hi everyone today I want to show you Project xCloud, a new service from microsoft that allows you to play on smartphones or tablets the important thing is to have a version of Android 60 or higher and the connection bluetooth 4

0 and up currently only available for android are more than 100 titles are available so you will have a very large catalog of games and gradually they will be implemented more and more it does not matter to have a performing smartphone because it works all on cloud therefore this service is all based online you must have a good internet connection they say the minimal connection is tops that never say at least at least you must have those 15 20 May because trying it also only in 4g out of my house because in here he takes my house to the max maximum reaches 5-6 MB, outside I can reach 10-12 MB e with a fairly high ping we put on 40 milliseconds and the playability is really bad with absurd LAGs so I recommend using it in wifi especially with the 5Ghz band unless you find a solution microsoft in the final version of the software As I said, everything works online streaming so it has nothing to do with xbox console streaming than a other software that also in beta that you can go to use your xbox console to scream games directly on your smartphone and This is another service because here there is no need to have a console physics at home another detail to know is obviously the microsoft controller he says he uses their Xbox One game pad but unfortunately I don't I am in possession so I said okay by connect my Xbox 360 OTG cable with the adapter and off and unfortunately it does not work so I borrowed ps4 controller, everyone says it works but I couldn't get it work with bluetooth I tried on Mi 9T 9S and also the Samsung S9 I said: maybe xiaomi that doesn't support the bluetooth connectivity and instead no or better, it connects it connects via bluetooth but there are absurd LAGs indeed live input is really really high and is practically unplayable with bluetooth so what did he say let's try, connect PS4 OTG controllers and it works! think that I "worked" on it for two days to figure out how to solve it this bluetooth thing but at least in my case this is the only solution not having an xbox one controller the ps 4 controller with the cable goes very well

meanwhile I wanted to show this test live so he sees all the various loading times and so on these are all the various titles available that there are almost one hundred and then let's say that every week now two weeks that using various titles added are updated then we have motogp 19 I don't make any cuts so you see how long takes to load we say that not always the loading times are the themselves dependent on the title depends on the day we always remember that it is a beta and in any case the games are estimated at 720p at 60 fps there are now 60 fps every now and then we say that the quality deteriorates and depends on the connection servers and so on everything when what how long it takes many have said it is not comparable to google stay diana at least I who have not tried but will want to find videos online and very very slow this facebook here in the uploads if one to say exits the game and then it comes in loading and immediate manages to keep in the background all now sent motogp 19 are under wifi 5g gerz network we wait I wanted to show you a little bit how gameplay there is still no motogp 20 but motogp 19 remain on the say that it's nice to still have you ever can do it and while he loads one can go to the bathroom to all his comfortable and then come back here honestly i don't know if xbox takes so long to start the game but the times are really long I remember a bit the various loads of play 1 I don't know why and then in the future everything will be synchronized with your xbox account so if you stop playing up on the xbox you can continue to play on the smartphone and marquis no I would say really no let's go get big where the great model where your time starts if you have seen it too it almost seems to see micro lag and this happens in driving games especially since in driving games it serves have a fluid visibility everything is not exactly the best instead the shooters I liked it much much more shoot all this service I liked a lot loading expect one hundred percent but it is true that there is never to be speaking with great where I imagine an xbox in the bill under the bed gates for stream the game is fine presence on the track direct so not knows what you saw for a moment is just fluid specimen fluid will be that I'm used to 144Hz of monitors I don't know Ok let's take off the autopilot and I have it just disappears mammamia got produced the prize that disasters that disaster but why didn't I lomic watch everything don't ask me why it doesn't accelerate everything everything however the movement you see also you miss the input lag it's not exactly perfect and it's not easy to play because it does not brake everything it is not so easy to play in driving games it is excellent idea and this services all that, however, I would say is still to be improved we try to make some clean corners without killing one but not mine disaster that disaster and then beyond that you will ask yourself but I can stream sea โ€‹โ€‹the game on my tv can be done also with the crawl cast only that the quality you see the difference because as I said at 720p on a TV to say the latest generation in 4k you will see a little bit of pixels but also with a very simple cronkite you will be able to do everything even if not above then in the sense it is very likely in the future who knows what will come this Project xCloud is also implemented on pc we'll see I'm slowly getting used to all the different live just said predicted tadpole But it had to use a side before the change of direction as it is slow and you have to anticipate the curve so much this is the streaming service unfortunately by trying to get at the very end go go go to nurseries where why are they made to the idea that you don't bend over from over Yellow is a normal two minutes and 5, and as I said before if one wants to go out or more simply receives a phone call when he goes to recharge the the game is very very fast and other things are not known at the moment if in the future you will want to implement the use of games with the on-screen controller but in my opinion it will always remain with the controller for now it is unknown when there was the final version of Project xCloud though I advise you to sign up for the preview, it is open to everyone, so you just need to insert your microsoft account in the link that I leave you also below description or in the article and wait for an e-mail to be received confirmation to enable this preview they do this service free to get various feedback from all possible people or otherwise within a certain limit which they then decide and you might as well try if you like the service and most likely everything this will be included in the xbox game pass subscription with a cost of 10 euros per month for those unfamiliar with it, this game pass is a sort of netflix video video games with a large catalog where one can play by paying only the monthly subscription fee so without going to buy all the various titles usable both on pc and console and in any case coming conclusions many complain about very long loading times I remind you that it is still a beta and a preview so let's take time to to develop everything and optimize it better you will see that it will be a great service but what do you say this is the future of Games need is a computer to tell 100 euros without video card and anything else is a good connection internet to play Most likely this will be the way of the future me it will take a while to go to the various shops and buy the physical copy of the games is yes in my opinion the future will be like this and in any case for any information on this service if you have subscribed too, everything, write me well e the next on Youwin Blog!

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