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Smartphone-Bürger-ID: Behördengänge vom Sofa erledigen


My name is Markus Hertlein, I am founder and CEO XignSys Gmbh and holds the position of CEO at XignSys involved in the project Smartphone Citizen ID At the smartphone citizen ID the point is that we want to give citizens the opportunity to provide services to the public digitally secure on your smartphone or on your PC at home

At the moment, the possibility exists do it all with the new ID card digitally, where most users but the PIN or the reader is missing or missing both And we offer a simple yet secure solution that every citizen should be able to use at the end of the day, to communicate digitally with his city In the services we start first in Gelsenkirchen with the Resident parking permit He is currently fully digitized Then come the Container services that are used The container services will become later join the electronic tax account and for the city of Aachen it will look similar

There will be more The VHS login service adds that you can also get digital at home can sign up for his VHS courses If I go offline to the Citizen Center in the real world, I'll take my ID show this and the nice lady or the nice gentleman at the identification service can look at the civic service, who I am can match it with my photograph and my data It's a bit different in the digital world We connect the personal data, who lie digitally by the country or are with the municipality, with the phone Thus, the phone virtually forms the interface to mine digital twin

And actually it is similar to how we do it in the real world, except that this time in a digital way a digital passport on my phone at the citizen service to me so then the citizens service digitally compared can identify This is the process of analogy that takes place in the digital world and of course further secured with cryptographic means As mentioned, the first application is the Resident Parking Card which can be used in Gelsenkirchen with the Smartphone Citizen ID Here I go to the page of Gelsenkirchen to apply for this, willing or confirm that I have no parking space and no Garage have Of course, read the privacy policy in advance and willing also the one

Then continue, get the QR code instead of entering username and password, then just hold my Smartphone Citizen ID app to the QR code to scan, get all the information the service needs based on mine personal data So I see that my date of birth, address, family and Surname can be used for the parking pass Accept the whole thing, stop now Just put my finger on the fingerprint sensor behind I am successfully authenticated and the data are all pre-filled in the form Can click on next Be prompted to pay what has happened, and click again on further and then I am able the resident parking permit very comfortable to print at home or as a PDF save later

Of course we also handle user data But the good thing is, there we work together with the municipal data center, together with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, together with the municipalities It is always a bit suspicious, whether we as XignSys, as startup the data of all Citizens will be preserved now That's exactly what it will not be We help the country we help municipalities to further protect data, by heavily encrypting the data and only with user interactivity can decrypt again

And at the same time it goes along with that Data does not reside on our servers They are not in the US, they are not in any cloud applications, but those are in the municipal Data centers and in the data centers of the state of NRW When it comes to the specific advantages, if we use the Smartphone Citizen ID, we have the possibility 24/7, so without store opening hours or Bürgerzentrumsöffnungszeiten to communicate digitally in our city Can stop it Simplify services, no longer have waiting times and on the other hand, the people who are still in the center also have the advantage that the waiting times are reduced and the person has more time for one to work on his request So the benefits are quite concrete as I said: I have no more waiting time my services can be done from home and on the other side but also have the citizens who do not want to use the digital service and those who want to go to the citizens' center want benefits reduced by Waiting times and better care for their concerns

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