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Smartphone Alcatel Pixi 4 6


A big-screen, six-inch device, front flash and expandable memory This is the proposal of Pixi 4, the new smartphone from Alcatel

How did he come out in our analysis? To accommodate the six-inch screen, Alcatel had to bet on a fairly robust construction The smartphone has a simple look and features a plastic housing with matte finish Although it's big, it's not so uncomfortable to hold and use this smartphone for a long period of time To be able to use the Pixi 4 with just one hand, Alcatel offers a reduced screen mode which can be activated by the "back" or "multitasking" button The display is the highlight of Pixi 4

The big screen is an advantage for those who want to enjoy videos, games and read on that smartphone However, you can not expect much quality because of the low resolution Even handsets in the same price range have sharper images, colored and of better quality The screen is still very reflective and the low brightness index does not contribute to a good visualization Pixi 4 comes with a customized version of Google's operating system, but does not offer many modifications compared to pure Android

The system runs very smoothly, with occasional gagging only when many apps are open The Alcatel Pixi 4 comes equipped with a fairly efficient MediaTek processor The smartphone is capable of running several games with quality, but suffers a bit when rotating very heavy titles Although it has only 1 GB of RAM, the Pixi 4 can handle simultaneous tasks Overall, the smartphone seems to have somewhat outdated hardware, but performs in line with the Alcatel proposal

The device still comes with a 16 GB MicroSD card, which, added to the 8 offered as internal memory, total 24 GB to save files The Pixi 4 has medium-sized cameras capable of recording quality photos when there are good lighting conditions In night shots, the images are quite grainy and not very pleasing The rear sensor comes with an LED flash, plus software with several capture modes The front camera has the flash highlight, which guarantees good selfies even in dimly lit environments

In our tests, the Pixi 4 battery was able to withstand about a full day of moderate use In the stress test, the device lasted just under six hours, a brand consistent with what is proposed by Alcatel The Pixi 4 is not surprising because of its sound power, but offers clean, balanced audio The smartphone still comes with simple headphones, who sin because they are not very comfortable The proposal of Alcatel with the Pixi 4 is quite clear: offer the largest screen within the category of intermediate smartphones

Taking into account the price, we can say that this device offers a good cost-benefit for those who are looking for a first smartphone and appreciate an advanced display However, if you are a slightly more demanding user, you are likely to bother with the low screen resolution and somewhat outdated hardware In this case, it is best to look for another intermediate appliance option And you, how did you like the six-inch Pixi 4? Do you think it's worth investing in this Alcatel smartphone? Be sure to check out the full review on our site and the next video!

Source: Youtube

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