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Smart 10 -10 Antwortmöglichkeiten – aber welche davon sind richtig?


Moin, the Wolfgang from St Peter-Ording, from the most beautiful place in Europe including toys Mondenkind

And a new quiz game, yes you heard right, a quiz game and that of me who am not a friend of quiz games But this game did his reason Thats how it works: Smart 10 is a quiz game, a guessing game, a puzzle game that comes up with a completely new process mechanism Do you have with every question and answer session – and what you see here would be one Question-and-answer session is basically a card that is inserted at the top There is of which quite a lot of cards

For example, there is now the topic here Food known in the Middle Ages We are now playing in threes: Tanja, our camerawoman starts Tanya, known in the Middle Ages Food What would we have: beet, coffee, cabbage, tomato, onion, spelled, Potato, honey, turkey or nettle What would you say? You'd say nettle was a well-known food in the Middle Ages and that's right

In order to you get this point Jonathan: I would say turnip You would say the beet, then please take a look Yes, also for Jonathan Point What am i taking I take the spelled, yes, now it's Tanja’s turn again

The problem: if you say something wrong, you all have this round points already won are lost You can also say "I pass", then the points will be final for this round credited that you've earned now You say potato was known in the Middle Ages and I would say that too, but luckily I didn't say it, Tanja is out Jonathan or do you prefer to pass? Onion, yes, onion is correct Cabbage, I would say cabbage, definitely

It's Jonathan’s turn again Tomatoes, unfortunately wrong I would say honey was known in the Middle Ages and among the I'm not sure of the other two, so I'm quitting That means a short interim status: 0 points Tanja, 0 points Jonathan, 3 points Wolfgang But now this question mechanism is not the only one with yes / no in this box, there are a lot of cards

These cards are double-sided For example, we have orders here would now be asked: order of the actors according to their size from 1 to 10 Or what do we have here? Here it says: Do you measure in this unit? For example, degrees Celsius or something is in ohms what is measured with decagram? Or what do we have here? Year numbers In which year was the following agreement made? Versailles Peace Bill or the Vienna Congress, that's a nice story too Here's what we have here? What color is associated with the brand? UPS, John Deere or Barbie? And so on and so on

Hundreds of questions, thousands of answers I promise a lot of fun, partying, cozy rounds, oh and here is that, also very, very nicely done, the individual points be it with single players or teams against each other, boys against girls, big against small, round against angular, can be held here with these wheels And the winner is, who has the most of them, the most points And promised too much? I said it was great It really stands out Different mechanisms, you won't find that anywhere else

Thanks for Watch and have fun

Source: Youtube

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