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Hello dear inmates, and welcome to my channel! COSMETIC CLEANING Some days ago I was browsing the internet and I came across some cosmetics It was all very innocent but before I knew it I had added 200 euros in creams to my cart Yes, I have a problem Hello, I'm Mel and I am addicted I have been sober for 62 days

And I'm still at it That's a lie With all the confinement I have noticed how many times a week I used to go to a drugstore to buy some kind of concoction And then of course go home and realize that I have too many things open and not using it This is the case: I'm two p *** s candles and I am very susceptible to advertising

I am also aware that ideas fill me with imperfections and then give me solutions I am the dream of capitalism come true And I can't stop I think it all started when I had cystic acne You become addicted to the idea of ​​having clean skin

It greatly affects your mental health I'm sure if you've ever had some kind of hormonal imbalance you will feel identified Anyway! We are in the cart and I suddenly decide delete the whole basket CONFESSION I did add several products to my wish list Because, let's be honest, were very valuable hours meticulous investigation And so I decided to fulfill my New Year's resolution (from 2016) not to buy the beast Because I've been trying ever since and Well I have to say that this year I have tried a lot and more or less has worked But, just because you want to change doesn't mean you will You need a plan And I've finally had time to devising a plan

And I really think it can be applied to any type of addiction Let's see, I wouldn't try it if cocaine is your thing but any type of "shopping" I'm not saying it's the perfect plan but I think it's a good starting point to quell that addiction Voucher, STEP ONE [SEE WHAT YOU ARE FACING] I'm going to take all my creams and spread them out to see what I really have

I have these two boxes with unopened products and spare parts Then I have a drawer with everything I use on a daily basis well, two ok three three drawers

And then another with what I use weekly So I'm going to take it all out and I'm going to throw it all on the bed Well, I think that's it It really isn't that bad Yes, I did a mega cleaning a couple of months ago

Let's see, it's not suitable But we can work with this! This is too much information [STEP TWO] So what am I going to do now [CLASSIFY BY FUNCTION] is to make groups according to the area I have decided to do this just to my things for the face Because if I have to do this with the hair and the rest of the creams and body products I have the quarantine is not going to be that long Okay, well, I'm going to do the groups and I'm going to put them on my dresser Day creams (and pre-bases) Night creams Serums Cleaners (I'm doing so well just two!) Tonics and mists Masks Eye contour Peels and scrubs Oils Various [STEP THREE] This I think is the worst [SEPARATE OPEN / UNOPENED] This is all I have open AND

that's what is unopened I'm not from mates but I'm sick [STEP FOUR] [TAKE PHOTOS OF THE GROUPS] I have taken photos of all the groups and I'm going to create a folder on my mobile and every time you empty one of the products I'm going to cross it out So if the whole group is empty can I afford to buy a product that belongs to that group [CONSLUSION] If there is space, They can have my money [STEP FIVE] And now I'm going to organize everything

[ORGANIZE STRATEGICALLY] To see everything better and use it, because I really didn't remember half of this It is a serious problem The way I organize cosmetics is with this type of drawer boxes, that I bought them at Ikea Some are smaller and some are larger and I just cleaned them The whole room smells of Sanytol the sweet aroma of Sanytol I live in a shared flat so apart from the facial cleanser and so who is in the bathroom obviously I have the rest in the bedroom If you also want to do this and you do not have this type of boxes I also usually use tapers I love the organization of bathrooms of those who put everything on shelves with space between things and everything is so cute But I know myself and I know it is very difficult to keep orderly

So i like these boxes because even if you take something and throw it in the drawer again it keeps This is my drawer This is what I use every day, this is all I wear at night and then since this part is at the back of the drawer I have decided to put products here that I use very occasionally but that I still use So now whenever you want to use it I can see everything but the back I have also decided to give them a home to my masks And I've put them in one of these takeout tapers and so I can see which ones I have and which one do I decide to use I have done the same with all my oils And the rest I have put it back in this box AND I have also done a bag with all the samples that I have been collecting [Diogenes] because if you have a weekend trip, [IF SOME DAY WE GO BACK TO TRAVEL] you can take a couple Counting the days that will last more or less, and then you throw them away and you also save space I usually have this type of toiletry bag for travel, with all my 100ml cans [DONE!] Done! Hopefully now that I know how many things do I have You may make better decisions

Not that I'm going to stop buying But I think I'll think twice about it Thank you very much for watching my video! Leave me a comment if you are as sick as I am, And so I don't feel alone

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