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    Sirui Anamorphic Lens | Cinematic Smartphone Video


    On today's video we're taking our mobile filmmaking to the next level using sirui mobile lenses and that starts right now Hey guys Ryan camp here with the P mount Motion Picture Company Thank you so much for joining me today This channel is all about learning and growing as a filmmaker So if that's your thing Please give this video a like please subscribe if you haven't already and let's become better filmmakers Together if you've been thinking about picking up some pro quality lenses for when shooting mobile video Well, I've got a recommendation just for you I've been shooting with these mobile lenses from suruí for about three weeks now Mainly the anamorphic lens and the wide lens I have to tell you that sirui is making a high-quality product that's going to give you a great image on your mobile phone and it's gonna save you quite a bit of money when you Compare it to some of the competitors in the market

    And like I said, these lenses are gonna give you a great image quality They're easy to use they feel built to last and they're gonna save you some money I'm gonna share with you guys some of the footage that I've been shooting over the past few weeks at the end of this video but first Let's take a look at what you get when you buy one of these lenses how to set them up and the best way to use them If you pick up one of these lenses from sirui you'll get a nifty little protective case the lens itself with a lens cap a Clip for mounting it to your mobile phone instruction manual a cleaning cloth and a suruí quality seal of approval Before mounting your lens to your phone Be sure to use the cleaning cloth to clean the lens and your phone's camera Now attach the lens to the mobile clip adapter Just insert the lens into the clip adapter and turn slightly until you hear the click sound you can also pick up a phone case from sirui that will allow you to mount the lens directly to the case if You are using the clip clamp the adapter directly onto your mobile phones camera and Then turn the front lens housing to make its side with a lock key or suruí logo Run parallel to the long side of your phone Check to make sure that your image is not showing any vignetting or there isn't anything obstructing the view of the camera Adjust if necessary until you have a clean image Also, be sure to check when you're moving the phone around that no vignetting is apparent once you get a clear image you are ready To shoot some cinematic footage with your phone Just like this Okay, guys, I hope you enjoyed this look at these cerulean mobile phone lenses Hopefully this video will help you make a well informed decision on whether or not these lenses are right for you Question of the day Are you currently using any mobile phone lens accessories when you're shooting mobile video? If so, what are you using and tell us how you like it? Let us know in the comments below if you like this channel and you want to support what we're doing there are tons of different Ways that you can do that we have merch we have an online digital store and you can become a monthly Patreon just like these awesome folks right here once again Please give this video a like and please subscribe If you haven't already and as always thank you so much for coming along on this filmmaking journey with me I am Ryan and I will see you on the next Piedmont motion-picture show Bye Bye

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