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    SimCam 1S – Best Smart Security Camera 2020


    SimCam 1S AI home camera in today's video I will review and also show you guys how to program this unique security camera for your house

    now let me stop you right there, because I know what you're thinking Koby there is a millions of videos out there talking about security camera, why this one is different? do you try to sell us another security camera? I already have a security camera let me just keep that video wait wait a second, don't go anywhere let me explain you really quick why you should stick till the end of the video and learn about this awesome security camera

    basically on the nutshell this security camera have a subscription free yes, no monthly fee what so ever when you buying this actual security camera you are good to go, forever! there is no monthly fee and there is no small lines that you don't understand or don't know about subscription free camera and on top of this it's got a built-in AI processor into the actual camera, yes you heard me right, a built in artificial intelligence that have so many cool features that I will discuss, coming up next that's why you should stick till the end of this video of course if you're new to my channel, welcome my name is Koby and i'm with Silver Eagle Locksmith Las Vegas YouTube Channel

    if you want to learn more about all security related stuff, learn about door enforcement, high security locks, smart locks, security cameras and more you got to the right channel consider subscribing and make sure to smash the bell notification right after, because if you don't YouTube won't let you know when I release new videos just like this one with this out of the way let's move on to the good stuff talking about the security camera and I promise that I will change your mind about this security camera, coming up right now so the SimCam 1S AI Home Camera is a sponsor of this video they actually send me these product, so I can make this review and talking about this awesome smart security camera, and guys I fall in love with this security camera, this is my favorite so far

    let's move on and talking about the actual features and I know that I will convince you to think the same OK so the first thing this security camera have a person detection and tracking, yes it's got a distance of 60 feet 18 meters of detection and also it detects humans within 30 milliseconds and 360 degree person tracking on top of that it's have facial recognition up to 200 different faces and 18 feet 55 meter of 9948% accuracy, yes facial recognition and person detection and tracking

    also it's got car detection with distance of 20 feet which is a 6 meter on top of that it's got a cool feature that I know you're gonna like Pat detection, yes it's attacking any of your pets in house within 10 feet which is 3 meter if your fan of Home Automation this feature is right for you so with the AI Home Automation the SimCam 1S has a local API which allow you to integrate it with other devices or services including Alexa, Google Assistance and IFTTT among others you can control many home devices using person detection or face recognition

    moving on local AI Processing the latest 10nm AI processor it's a 10 times faster video processing speed, the local AI keeps detecting and recording motion even if there is no Wi-Fi talking about video recording it's got full HD 1080p recording, yes up to 128GB SD card supporting it's actually recording continuously and it's can record up to 128 gigabyte worth of videos now let me give you an idea 32GB of SD card can record up to 1 week of videos so 128GB, do your math another feature is 360 degree panoramic view that you can control with the app another thing it's the actual object missing alert, so let's say you get a package and when you see it on the actual application, you can choose it as an object and if this object is missing for any reason you will get alert another feature dual recording, so event recording up to 60 second on your application and also the SimCam 1S continuously recording videos 24/7 on the actual local storage the SD card weather resistant so the SimCam 1S is IP54 rated

    basically it can handle some water spray from any direction, but not continuous rain more recommended is for indoor (use) and if you do want to use it as outdoor camera you should have an actual covering option so what happened when you're coming back to your house with the geo fencing it's actually automatically activate the privacy mode whenever you're coming back to the house so this is another cool feature built-in and the 1080p starlight night vision, so with the 1080p starlight night vision it will allow you to see a person face up to 50 feet in total darkness, also the latest isp sensor maximized image details in low-light situations and high-contrast scenes and dramatically reduce the motion blur now privacy feature unlike paid cloud-based cameras the live videos are streamed directly into your smart phone free of charge

    yes subscription free completely as I mentioned in the beginning of the video and an actual P2P secure network without going through an actual server so basically the actual connection from the live video is directly to your phone and not going through actual third-party server which make things way more secure the actual security is 128/256 Advanced Encryption Standard, so it's a really secure network that basically talking to the app on your smart phone and there is no other server in between and you can also share access to friends and family to the actual app with sub accounts so this is another important thing to mention this super intelligent security camera have two-way audio so you can hear and speak to your friends and family even if there is noise in the background 24 and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi, Dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility means a smoother live stream with less interference

    and the very last thing is the actual siren, yes a 100dB siren built-in into this actual security camera and make all those things super affordable to purchase guys if you want to learn more about this security camera I highly recommend you to check the link down below in the description of my video for more information and i also share an actual coupon code that I got from SimCam 1S company so make sure to check the link for more information and learn more this security camera give you all those themes so why not guys, why not you get the best camera with built-in AI, no monthly fees and all those good things that I just mentioned so let's move on show you guys how things actually working with this security camera so you can see it for yourself, coming up right now okay so let's unbox that SimCam 1S and see what we got inside, so we have a user manual an actual charger so here's our AI camera looks good let's see what else comes inside oh that's a mounting bracket if you want to install it in the wall that's also part of the mounting okay and there is also an actual 3m sticker it's a very strong double-sided sticker that you can put the camera if you want to do it that way and some screws and anchors and there is another small reset tool probably a small reset tool for if you want to reset to the factory setting small LM ranch key and that's it pretty much and let's move on to the installation and the good stuff coming up right now okay so when you connect the camera to the power this is what's gonna happen and now that's the time for you guys to download the same cam application and there is a QR code on the manual and I also share on the picture right here where you can find that QR code now after you download the actual application you will need to create a new account so you have to sign up put your email new password and then it will send you an actual email vacation when you verify that it is your email you will get to this screen right here and right now what we going to do is we're going to add a new camera so we're going to go to the top right on the plus sign and we're gonna head our new camera okay so they sang that you have to wait 15 seconds after the power and the LED light need to flash green and it is and that's the time that are we gonna click Next and you're gonna connect the camera to the actual Wi-Fi network that your phone is connected to so either way if it's the 2

    4 gigahertz or the 5 gigahertz Network if you have dual band router it's gonna connect to either or so that's great I'm connecting to the 5 gigahertz that I have in my house and I'm gonna put the password ok and click Next right now you're gonna have to scan that code the QR code and basically show it to the camera so it's neat to scan it do it just like I do right now so right now you got to wait a little bit and the camera will let you know what's the next step okay so now you're done and you can go to the next step so click next step and you're gonna refresh so click on the refresh and here it is so it's showing my camera that's basically from yesterday that I put it in the living room but if you go to live view and you're gonna see me what's up guys right here ok now let's go on our settings right now so we gonna go to the settings let's go a little bit over the actual settings here and see what's we have so you can change the device name you can change it to whatever you want depending on where it is they used or for example okay the vise settings over here there is some tweaks that you can do with the actual settings you can do mute flip vertically horizontal disable night-vision pedestrian tracking so there is some settings here that you can tweak and all depending on really where the actual camera is located if it's indoor most of those settings I mean they're not really for you but just so you know that this is where you can change some settings here video encoding formats so it's got the h265 that's the most standard one so I'm gonna leave it as it is camera working schedule so over here on the default it's work all day 24 hours remind me when okay so there's some reminder here oh if you want you can also put custom work time so you can set its custom work time if you want to and that's another option with this camera move on we got camera information okay that's where the actual information on the camera a large video duration so you can choose how long it's gonna record either way it's 15 seconds videos 30 or 60 seconds I always like to go in 30 seconds video yeah so I was just saying setting success so you know that it's actually saving your changes okay moving on ai settings so ai detection over here basically you can enable or disable some of the detection settings for the a person detection we can only we can enable that pad detection yes I'm gonna bring my dog here later on test that feature as well vehicle detection I don't need because it's indoor music inside of my house but if you do planning to use it as an out there camera we can enable that as well show detection area zone settings monitoring area okay all right moving on we got face recognition that's one of my favorites so over here we basically gonna scan our face pretty similar to when you buy a new iPhone and you have to scan your face so that weight will unlock your smartphone it's pretty much doing the same thing so let's do that right now so we're gonna hit the plus I can enter the name so that's me Koby so like the roll the family and we gonna go to the live camera and we're gonna scan my face as showing and the actual images on the bottom so we're gonna do it right now the second picture is to lift the face a little bit up the third one is to move it to the side and to the other side okay when you done you click OK and you can see all the pictures and okay okay so it saved my face and now it will let me know when I'm arriving to the house because it's gonna also recognize my face not just detecting that I'm there so that's another cool feature and remember you can basically put up to 200 faces so only families friends wherever you want you can upload the pictures or you can just take a picture it's just like I did which is way more accurate by the way if you actually taking the picture instead of just uploading them but regardless it's also an option going back playback okay that's where you can see the playback LEDs on time zone okay so my time zone here okay so this is my time zone here okay moving on okay let's see if there is any update nope there is no new updates so that's good that's hard this configuration that's an additional feature we don't need it for now SD card format here you can basically format the SD card and I'm gonna do that and reset Wi-Fi settings which we don't need to do okay moving on before we going to go to the actual live video and do some changes and check some features here you can enable private mode so private mode means that you don't get any notification basically it means that you're in the house and you don't need to record anything or you don't need to track anything and get push notifications so here you can enable that and it won't send you a notification or anything we're gonna change it back and over here you can enable or enable or disable detection so motion detection so more like a person detection so we're gonna enable that and land mode we're gonna leave it as it is right now and let's go to the actual video and now the camera is connecting and that's me right here so we can hear what's going on in the room by clicking that icon the actual sound icon okay so you can hear what's going on and the middle one is the speaker so you can speak to the people and that's the two-way talk basically so let's see hello hello hello yeah that's working okay so that feature is also working what else we have so we can take an actual snapshot and that's another cool thing or you can even actual record a video from the actual live video so you can do that from here so now it's recording you can stop the recording here and it's saved to the actual library okay that's great now let's choose the actual object tracking so that's the icon right here and as you can see you can focus on any object that you want from the live video so assuming that you get a package or something and you want to make sure that nobody steals it so this is how you do it so you click okay I'm gonna focus on that covering of that box of the same cam camera and see what happens when I move it so this is how I choose it let's do it okay and you click on the top right V so it will keep monitoring our object and also me so we're gonna get notified for both and also it will know that it's me because remember we also set up my face will recognize my face me as a person detection and also because I'm moving the actual package of the actual cover so let's see how those things work simultaneously another thing here that you can also do is focus area monitoring so okay you can choose at least three points notification will be sent and video will be recorded when there is a breaking it's okay so object monitoring send me some notification here okay so here where you can basically choose an area I'm gonna discard that for now let's check really quick the siren before we're gonna move on to the testing let's see how that works that's the basically the bottom right the red icon so that's activate the siren let's see how strong it is and I'm gonna move the actual microphone close to it okay well that was kinda loud not bad it's also recognized my face when I moved the microphone so that's good now let's go over and check what's going on when I'm moving and how how fast it recognize my face and also when I'm moving the actual object that we have alright let's see okay it's fun person face recognitions recognize me – and object monitoring so yes all those three simultaneously found me as a person it's found my face as face recognition and also object monitoring so all those things simultaneously with this awesome camera and if you want to access those videos you can just do if you go to the Allart refresh and as you can see all those videos showing one by one so you gotta give it about a minute or so to upload you remember guys you also depending on the connection so no matter where you are you can still upload and see those videos you can go to live and see it of course but if you want to see what happened like the recording then you gotta wait a little bit because it's it's neat to upload it so let's see if it's already been uploaded we're gonna click on the object monitoring and there it is you can see it recognized me my face and it's keep tracking me so that's great so man when I move the object it's already sent a notification it's really fast I mean considering that you're doing all those things the camera doing all those things simultaneously it's really fast guys and I'm really happy with the results of this camera so this is really good guys I mean I'm really happy with this let's go again to live and that's me right here as you can see and all I really needed for the object monitor is just to choose a little bit bigger area so that that's all it was and it works in really good look at the quality here I mean look at this what's up face recognition whoo that's good working okay that was the face recognition everything works smooth like I explained it to you guys so many cool features okay before we gonna move on to the last thing that I wanted to show you guys is to show when it's detecting my dog Pat's let's go to the setting really quick of the actual application we go through a little bit of what's there is in there and we're gonna move on to the last thing to checking my pad my actual dog and see if it's recognize it okay let's go to the settings here you can had sob accounts so you can basically give access to friends and family through this table facial recognition settings here you're gonna see the list of all the actual people that will recognize and send your notification when it's detecting them you can have more of course up to 200 ok device list here you can see the actual list of all the cameras if you have more than one of those here's you that's where you're gonna see it and safety verification so there is some settings here face verification that's for the app so it will basically use face verification so you can log in I'm gonna enable that okay cool and what else we have emergency content so here you can put an emergency contact that it's gonna probably make a phone call or I really didn't try this feature before so I'm assuming that it will basically call or send text messages as an emergency contact so let's use I'm gonna use my wife phone number just for the test and okay let's see confirming okay so this is where you basically can put an emergency contact person and we got a feedback okay so you can put your feedback on the product instructions so you can find some information if there is something that you don't understand a iLife okay so this is where you basically enabling the privacy mode when you're coming back to the house so using the IFTTT it will basically recognize when you're coming back to your house and it will activate the privacy mode so you won't recording and send you notification every second and it does that automatically you can also use Alexa and Google assistant from here and this is how you do it turn on loathing okay I already did this guys but this is where the screen that you actually this is the actual screen that you actually activate that feature you choosing your area and your address and connecting with IFTTT and that will basically do that automatically when you're coming back to the house and it will activate the privacy mode you can even if you use this application anyway for your smartphone devices you can also put a role like turn on lights when you're coming back when you recognize you and all the other cool features also like I said Alexa and Google assistant this is basically where you had those features so that's pretty cool guys if you have any questions regarding the video regarding all those things that I just showed you let me know in the comment section below I promise that I want sir as soon as I can and the very last thing is gonna bring my dog right now my small chihuahua and see if it recognize it as a pet and that's the last test that we're gonna do coming up next so I'm going to adjust the camera to face a little bit down for these tests okay let's see if we detecting my dog you take my face already oh there it is pet Allart yet each follow my pet so everything is working guys I love this camera this is why I recommend it to you as well okay everyone so we tested everything and everything is working all the settings all the actual tracking working facial recognition person detection path detection in object monitoring so everything works simultaneously really fast accurate keep tracking me when I move send me notifications face detection it's one of the best I think it's really cool and that's my opinion guys if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section below I promised it I want answer as soon as I can as I always do and make sure to check the link down below in the description for more information and special coupon thank you so much wow now I understand why you told me to stick til the end of the video Wow Koby you were right, this actual security camera will save me money and also it's got so many cool features unlike all the other security cameras out there this is the way to go and I will have it but you need to purchase it and I do share link down below in the description of my video where you can purchase this awesome product, we will get compensated but there's no additional cost to you no no no I actually put a discount coupon code just for you guys so you'll get some very sweet discount on this security camera so make sure to check the link for more information

    if you didn't do so make sure to LIKE this video, smash kill, destroy this like button because this is how YouTube will promote my video this is how they reward me as well, so thank you for that and if you new to my channel also consider subscribing by clicking that make sure to click and smash the actual bell notification because if you don't turn on notification from YouTube from my channel you will not know when I release new videos when I release them so make sure to click the bell and turn all notifications and the very last thing is that I do share a links for my previous videos that you will find them very interested, I pick those videos special for you guys so make sure to check those videos right now and I will see you in my next episode, thank you so much

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