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SIG Sauer BDX-Set: Range Finder, Zielfernrohr und Smartphone koppeln für bessere Treffer


Waidmannsheil to the devices at home, in particular to the telephone devices, because in the meantime yes, more and more videos are also watched at home on the phone Today we go to the BDX set of SIG Sauer

It consists of a total of 3 products: Once here from the Range Finder, we will explain later a bit more detailed Then here we have the rifle scope with a magnification of 45-14×50 And quite interesting is the app The app works like this

That when I put the set into operation, I over the App must pair these two devices once and then, so to speak, on the Phone in the internal memory the coupling between these two Stored devices Now we come to this little device that is the KILO1800 I use it in forest and field as follows: I discovered something in the back I measure the distance and automatically the breakpoint gets to that Scope transmitted If you then the KILO 1800 with the riflescope you should also in the moment in the app all Feeding ballistic data of the rifle scope and ammunition

The abbreviation BDX stands for Ballistic Data Exchange A very interesting point with this product is – that may be very interesting for the one or other young hunters out there – because I heard the whole set is also relatively cheap: is the following point, the system has it so called KinETHIC system, where ethics is capitalized and that has one too very special reason and may also be aimed at the One or the other young hunter, of course, includes me, and that is what it is with the system so that if I can not mount a waidman shot anymore, the system provides me with the information, I should rather let the shot You can purchase this set in 2 different variations: The system, what you have presented today, as I said consists of the BDX KILO 1800 and SIERRA 3 4,5-14×50 and then there is a second system that exists also from the KILO 1800 and the SIERRA 3 6,5-20×52 The BDX series is available in total with 4 different rifle scopes and with 2 range finders, once as presented here the KILO 1800 and then there is also the KILO 2000 The apps for the BDX series by SIG Sauer run on an Android and also on an Apple phone

My conclusion on this product: Most of the people who met me outside, know, yes, that I'm actually on the road as a cameraman and straight optics stories me very much interested With this product, there is a really crucial point where I say that is really for someone who is just starting out with that Hunting very interesting That's just the point that if I look at myself not sure and not sure if I can apply a sure shot this system tells me, let it or shoot!

Source: Youtube

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