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Si vous avez déjà utilisé votre smartphone la nuit, vous devez savoir ceci !


If you have already used your smartphone at night, you must know this! We are very likely to use our smartphones throughout the day We like to browse the internet, play or use a new app and see pictures even before going to bed

But what most of us do not know is that using smartphones at night is a bad habit that can harm our health Several studies and studies have focused on this phenomenon The researchers looked at the side effects of the nightly use of smartphones on our health and well-being and the results are not satisfactory Almost all research advises to turn off and place away any electronic device before bedtime as it can cause illness as well as sleep disorders However, you have probably already heard about the radiation and electromagnetic radiation of smartphones and their impact on the human body, it adds to that the blue light emitted by these phones that can cause serious disorders and health problems

Here are 3 good reasons why you should stop using your smartphone at night 3 reasons to stop using a smartphone at night: 1 – Insomnia and sleep disorders: According to a study by Swedish and American researchers, the blue light emitted by mobile phones delays sleep, causes headaches, depression, mood disorders and concentration This light inhibits the production of the hormone melatonin, which plays an important role in promoting sleep, and this can trigger insomnia and sleep disorders In addition, lack of sleep can also cause various diseases and conditions, such as weight gain, memory problems, skin aging, depression and cardiovascular problems So, if you have a habit of getting into bed while having your phone, stop today and replace this bad habit with a little relaxation session or try reading a book as an alternative

2 – Damage to the eyes: Exposure to blue light at night can damage the retina, cause vision problems or dry eye that can lead to infection or inflammation of the eyes This light actually allows you to see your screen clearly, but can also damage your eyes According to a recent study, the nighttime use of a smartphone may be responsible for macular degeneration and cataract development To fall asleep easily, calm your mind by meditating a few minutes This exercise is excellent for health; it will help you to control your body and your thoughts

Imagine yourself in a place you love and even spread a scent or smell and think back to a pleasant moment of a period of your life Guaranteed results! 3 – Increase the risk of cancer: Prolonged exposure to blue light during the night leads to sleep disturbances and insomnia, which increases the risk of cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer When melatonin levels drop continuously during the night, this hormone can not protect your body against these cancers and this causes serious health problems It has been proven that melatonin significantly slows the development of cancerous tumors In addition, a long and profound study was conducted by the University of Tel Aviv on the relationship and the link between smartphones and cancer risks

This study, published in 2008, indicated that if a person speaks on the phone more than 2663 hours in his life, the cancer risks can increase by 49% and regular use of the cell phone for more than 5 years increases the risks 34% of cancer In addition, we offer some tips to follow to fall asleep easily and to stay healthy: Turn off your tablet, smartphone, computer and any other electronic device at least an hour before going to sleep and do not keep it in your bedroom or the children's bedroom Gradually lower the lights in your house Turn off the power strips and avoid putting alarm clocks close to you Respect sleep cycles @ Avoid foods that contain caffeine and alcohol at least 4 hours before going to bed Practice meditation every day Eat light at night Choose a good quality mattress Keep your room at a good temperature

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