Should you still buy the Samsung S10? A VERY Long Term Review!

Should you still buy the Samsung S10? A VERY Long Term …

61 thoughts on “Should you still buy the Samsung S10? A VERY Long Term Review!

  1. Been using S10 since the launched back in 2019. Pretty solid phone and no issues at all. The updates with one UI 3 makes it even better. And yeah, still rocking the prism white too!

  2. A very well refined review…one question from you…can you give me a small lil tip about how to grow on yt in 2021 cuz I'm starting my yt channel your videos btw ❤

  3. i freaking love ur outro music 😀 it's so cool lol how are u so cool 🤔 u don't even look it tho, well except for the fabio hair lol that definitely looks cool

  4. I was a hardcore android user and I recently changed to apple ecosystem and I’m not going back. Apple ecosystem optimization is superb, android is great but i don’t like how developers treat the google ecosystem and I checked how much money I spent every two years getting a new phone so i can use the latest updates and sadly mexican carriers take a lot of time to release newer updates

  5. I had a Galaxy S10+ and now I Have an iPhone. It was a great, really great phone. I just wanted a better O.S ( smoother transition between apps) and I think iOS is the King here. I loved my S10+, the camera, the speakers and the awesome display. I just wanted more performance. I mean, it is good for casual games, but It didn’t run PUBG MOBILE well, even in HD+ Extreme. And now, my iPhone 11 Pro runs that game at HDR+Extreme without issues. The Galaxy S10 is a great, really great phone if you are not into games 😀 It’s definitely a good option! It is really fast!

    PD: Sorry for my English, it is not my first language. I tried to do my best 😀

  6. Just today i got this opportunty to get this phone, and luckly i see you uploading this video 😅. How wise is it, and would you do this: giving up on Xiomi note 10lite and getting this one for arround 300e…@BubVisuals should i do it ???

  7. I really hated Samsung's Touchwiz because my S6 was really laggy. I switched to an iPhone 8. Now, Samsung's One UI is pretty good and I'm happy to have comeback. The only problem I have is some of my tech is more compatible with iOS.

  8. Just got an s10, pretty much looks brand new for only 280. Great phone together with an huawei mate 20 pro that I also have, fantastic old flagship phones. Better purchase than a new midrange one.

  9. I have 12 mini and 11 pro but i really like Samsung phone so today' i buy s10 now i have 3 phones🐸 if s10 works perfectly then i sell my 11 pro and keep using s10 and 12 mini

  10. I had the s10 plus prism white and it was one of my best phone the display is so beautiful and the back too. Very smooth phone. But I trade mines in for the s21 ultra.

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