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    So as a lot of you might know, there's a new broad-band standard currently being discussed In the media and in the general public because of its massive benefits that'll come to the many millions of Internet users known as 5G I know, I know, calm down; you've heard this term thrown around almost as often as the term "coronavirus "in the mainstream media, but trust me 'cause this video's gonna be different as we will be looking at what 5G is, why it's potential benefits have caught the attention of many people, and whether you should buy a 5G smartphone or not

    So, without any further ado, let's get right into the video! Like right now [Intro] Hello, everyone! My name is DOJO MOJO! Before we can begin to talk about the potential benefits of 5G, we must first know what 5G is again! The reason I say that is because I've already made a couple videos on the topic of 5G and I highly suggest y'all watch those videos if you want to know more about 5G, but to make this easy for you guys to grasp, 5G is the latest broad-band standard to come to wireless communications and the way that 5G networks "work" is that they take advantage of high frequencies that have previously been untapped by government institutions, scientific and research bodies, militaries, and other such organizations

    These higher frequencies, like I mentioned before, those that are sub-6GHz – 245GHz and higher allow for not only much faster download and upload speeds on the Internet, but also lower latency – which is basically the time it takes for the cloud computing devices at the backend of your favorite video games and/or video streaming services to receive your input, and greater bandwidth to accommodate the large assortment of household devices – aka Internet of Things The best part about this new standard is that these benefits not only reach the millions, if not, billions of users on the Internet but enables advancements in self-driving technology, remote work, virtual & augmented reality, and, like I mentioned before, the Internet of Things Mind blowing! The reason that 5G has been so popular in the mainstream and in the general public is because of the aforementioned benefits, the growing availability of 5G as well as plans to expand 5G networks in the future

    There's also been a steady introduction of 5G-enabled smartphones coming to the smartphone market place; although most are fairly expensive, we'll get to that later in the video So now that you know what 5G is and its benefits (hopefully), we can begin to cover what you need to consider if in any case you do decide to purchase a 5G smartphone Before we rush into this deep pool of water, fair warning to my viewers internationally: the information that I'm presenting next may not apply to you, so make sure to do your own research and confirm with your regional or local network carriers if the information I present is true so that you know this yourself when purchasing a 5G smartphone wherever you may be So, let's get on with the facts! As of now, there are a number of 5G data plans available from US network carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, but the problem with purchasing a 5G smartphone from any one of these carriers – or the smartphone manufacturers themselves – is that there's no guarantee that you can switch between these carriers at any point if you don't like the service, if you don't like the exorbitant fees that you have to pay, or you don't like the company for any of their affiliations or anything like that At all! There's no guarantee! It's the same thing with 4G, probably 3G, and it's gonna be that way for 5G

    Also, 5G data plans as they stand are fairly expensive because 5G is so ridiculously fast that it burns through current network data caps in under one hour; just one hour according to a report from 9To5Mac Link to the article in the description There's also an assortment of other problems like 5G modems in smartphones burning through battery life quicker than 4G modems in smartphones, the limited range of 5G – depending on the band, and the fact that 5G smartphones are extremely high-tier, expensive, and greatly inaccessible to most people So people like you you may not have the funds support a 5G smartphone, you know The latest Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup has got smartphones in higher price ranges you may not be able to afford and that that's okay on it's own but it's not okay if you want a 5G phone, so just make sure to consider that

    Of course, with time, these problems may not be that big a deal or may be completely erased, you never know, but these are just some things to consider for right now, you know You're purchasing a smartphone right now, not in the future definitely not in the past, right now! Now we come back to the question of whether buying a 5G phone is even reasonable or conscionable a decision in the first place and to be entirely honest with you – to be gut with my gut, instinct with my instinct, and honest to myself, that really depends on you, what you want, what you gonna use the smartphone for, and what you expect to get out of that smartphone, okay There are a variety of factors but it all really comes down to those four If you're a college student, a high school student, elementary kid, maybe your home schooled, or some other age group or division and your gaming 18 hours a day 1) get help now! That's unhealthy kid and 2) maybe 5G is for you I don't know, bro

    I'm just saying this from what I know and experience Maybe it's for you because you probably want the response times you get with 5G to suit your massively, grotesquely addictive gaming, dude! Straight up! Also, if you live in the city, live in urban area, you live in community – ripe with the potential, and you got the monies to spend, you got the gold doubloons, you got the notes, you got the cards, you got the Apple Cards to spend on a 5G smartphone, maybe it's for you too Okay, again, just saying this from experience, knowledge, what I know, what I don't know! Maybe it's for you The same applies if you want to future-proof your smartphone You wanna smartphone you use or you can use in 5- 10 years time, dude, 5G probably is for you

    Just saying, you know Now-now-now, there's another group of people and this group is who I'll be talking about right now So if you are using for your phone for social media, video consumption, barely using that phone at all, okay – you could just be laying it down in the evening, and then in the morning, the afternoon, and in the evening and just never using it Maybe you're living in a remote area, maybe you just don't have the money, okay – I know, we all broke; we got our financial needs and reasons and I don't blame you, bro Maybe you just don't have the money or maybe you're just genuinely disinterested in the idea of getting a 5G phone and you're totally comfortable with 4G LTE

    Alright, maybe you're just comfortable, you don't even care! 5G probably isn't for you, okay 5G just isn't for you You probably wouldn't use the phone to the extent that 5G will do anything that great to improve your smartphone experience, okay It's that simple! 5G probably won't provide the substantial advantages you want to see From switching to the latest broad-band standard with incredible technologies and advantages that it entails So, yeah, that's my conclusion

    As I said before, it really comes down to you and what you want so just evaluate your needs and wants, what you're gonna use the phone for, and all other things like that and go from there That's what it comes down to So assuming you've watched this far into the video – in fact, if you're even at this part where I'm talking about you watching this for – you probably liked the video You probably saw something in this video – this content – some potential, some gold mine, some treasure vested deep within the dark and deep and deep, deep, deep cave of this video that you like Okay, maybe just like something

    Maybe, you should like the video, subscribe for more content, and share this video with people interested in 5G, okay, or – not even that, heck – just buying a 5G phone After all, that's literally the purpose of this video: do you want to buy a 5G phone or not? So send it to people like that It could be your grandma, could be your friend, could be your boyfriend, could be a sister, could be your dog, I don't even freaking cares; just send 'em over Okay, I need the views, thank you! You can also view my previous video about 5G conspiracy theories – and, trust me, they're wild, straight up – in the i-Card on the top right or in the link in the freaking description, dude Straight up, you need to watch that video, it's crazy

    There are so many weird theories And stuff out there, you can't believe what people are thinking Yeah, make sure to watch that video if you're interested in learning about that stuff and you just wanna laugh, you know You just wanna bust at what people are freaking saying, it's crazy! You already know that if I'm saying leave a like, subscribe, and stuff, it's the end of the video This is the end of the video, guys! Make sure to leave a like, subscribe, and share this video I'm glad you're just watching and engaging

    So that's all I'm gonna say to you today That's I got for you today That's all the information I'm gonna impact upon your freaking brain today This is your boy – your son, your kid, your king, your prince, your servant, whatever – DOJO MOJO, signing out! That's all gonna say

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