Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?

Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy …

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  1. Yeah but one problem with it how come im viewing people's photos like lets just say people youTube picture and mines to it has the worst quality how do I fix that or that's how it stays like

  2. I'm confused as to why he didn't bring up one of the most important things that being the battery life. And totally agree on the headphone jack same with SD expansion if you have the space put the damn things in there.

  3. Watching in Oct 2019….lmfao why does that RIP Toronto Raptors joke seem more appropriate right now….Congrats on the championship tho, Laker's all day

  4. I would hate to have a phone without a headphone jack. Although i have a wireless headphone but i dont bring it with me all the time while my wired earphone is always in my bag.

  5. hi I'm the person who doesn't keep up with phone trends as of now I have an S7 and I'm going to "upgrade" (LOL) to the s9 cuz was wondering if on the s9 if you use YouTube and you hit the home button does the YouTube screen minimize so you can still watch YouTube but do other things or did they change unbox therapy I was wondering if you could tell me or if anybody on here what happened to know or have noticed I know it's late but just wondering cuz I like the and I saw it the first time it was awesome cuz I realize I can do it I accidentally hit my home just wondering if anybody else has noticed on the s9 if you can do it thank you

  6. I'm on s9 and yeah it's well worth it for £300 I got. you can get it brand new and yeah don't fall for the new midrange phones. Old flagships are better.

  7. Heyo👋. Um, you can disable the Bixby button and page without changing the launcher. And you can make the google assistant your main assistant instead of Bixby.

  8. This is dead on basically what my thoughts are. Im going from pixel XL 1 to S9+. I dont think ill ever get a pixel again as their updates phone to phone are very minor, but the stock android experiance is still great. I am hoping in 2020 there is a way to make that bixby button function to something worthwhile.

  9. Reviewers really praise phones with amoled displays because black wallpapers help save battery. But how much time do you really spend on your home screen? You're more likely to be using an app like YouTube, whatsapp, Facebook, IG etc. Though some of these apps have dark modes, about 80% of it is lit up when using these apps. Take YouTube for example,.. You'll definitely watch videos and that nullifies the advantage of the dark mode.. What do u guys think of this?

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