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Should This Be UCI Legal? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 42


(light techno music) – Welcome to the GCN Tech show – Coming up this week, we have loads, including exotic new time trail bikes, your upgrades, the bike fold and our main talking point, which is should the UCI relax their rules so we can have more funky looking bikes like the one down there? (upbeat music) – First up is this: the new Specialized Shiv TT

Now the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, has become a popular place in recent years To launch new TT bikes And this year we're seeing the exciting reveal of the new Shiv Which replaces the previous Shiv And well, it's had a huge overhaul to its design

– Yep, it's now available in disc-only and it features this brand new fork, which is a dual-crown fork, essentially, which extends in a really wide stance, all the way from the axle right up to the bars, which is set to aid aerodynamics and stability, especially in crosswinds That's not all though, Specialized has also addressed practicality for transport, the bars actually adjust so that you can flap them down instead of removing them for transport, which is genius – Yeah, interesting Also, the giant fin, that you can see at the back Well, that's essentially a fairing for improved aerodynamics but it has a dual purpose, it also actually contains a 1

5 liter water bladder And from that, a giant straw extends up through the down tube and then pops out at the cockpit so the rider can drink – Fancy cleanin' that – Yeah, you'd imagine it'd be quite difficult to clean – Specialized also say the bike is 60 seconds faster over the 180 kilometer course at Kona than their previous model

And, features a storage box in the down-tube for marmalade sandwiches and egg custard tarts – You love a custard tart, don't you? (light techno music) So now it's time for our main talking point, which is, should bikes like this, be UCI legal? So this week saw the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona take place, where competitors are able to ride radical bikes like this And this is because the ITU, or International Triathlon Union rules are far more relaxed than that of the UCI And this means that bike designers are able to have much more freedom in the bikes they design and, well, really go to town – Yeah, and it's this that's got us thinking

Should competitive cyclists also be able to ride TT bikes like these? Don't worry, we're not turning into triathlon channel, as we've got GTN for that (bike wheels whirring) (beeping) – So, the obvious question arises, should the UCI rules be ditched so that pro-cyclists can race on more radical bikes that are more aerodynamic, and well, encourage greater innovation within the sport? – Well, I think they should – This is the CEEPO Shadow-R and we first reported on it from Eurobike earlier in the year And it features a really interesting beam design, which uses, well, a sort of integrated aero mud-guard or fender, if you're American, to help manipulate the airflow over the front wheel – I think that looks like the ultimate winter commuter that, don't it? – Yeah, mud-guards, disk brakes

– Slightly less radical was the Canyon Speedmax of winner Patrick Lange, his bike is essentially the same frame that Katusha and Mobesty use, but he's got the addition of the UCI-legal aero lunch boxes and hydration system – Yeah, well, plenty of custard tarts, you'd fit in there – Yeah, just think how many He's also got a custom cockpit as well – [Ollie] Yeah

– [Chris] Anyway, what is the rule that prevents the UCI, or what is the UCI rule that prevents everyone using these funky bikes? – Well, I'm glad you asked that, Chris Let's have a look – You've not, you've not memorized it? – I have, I've memorized it and wrote it down So, according to Article 13

021 of the UCI equipment charter, the triangular shape is defined from a design using eight centimeter wide boxes from each tube In order to comply with this rule, the nominal rear wheel axle must be located within the seat stay and chain stay boxes Furthermore, the bottom bracket axle must be located inside the chain stay, seat tube and down tube boxes The drawing below illustrates these conditions – So why do the rules exist? – (laughs) I'm glad you asked that as well, Chris

According to Article 13021 of the Lugano Charter, it says, the rule results from the Lugano Charter and has the objective of preserving the culture and image of the bicycle as historical fact Among other things, it prevents the use of girder frames and bicycles with extravagant shapes that do not represent bicycles as understood by the UCI which would change the existing disciplines – One of my top favorite 17 charters, that, the Lugano Charter

– Yeah, it's just one of the best – (laughs) Basically, the Charter is there to ensure that the traditional aesthetics of cycling aren't lost Which, whilst I kind of agree with it, is a little bit painful But, you know, from a mountain biking perspective, they would be a lot faster if they wore skin suits, the down hillers, then However, the UCI have also imposed a similar rule there saying that they have to wear baggy clothes

And actually in fact I think there's even a measurement to how baggy the clothes have to be – Yeah, that's interesting isn't it? But, I kind of get that But I would argue that when you look at time trialists now, in the Tour de France, the bikes and clothing that they wear already looks completely ridiculous and is a complete departure from what you would wear in a normal road race – I guess another reason for these rules from the UCI is that it prevents someone coming along with a design that's just so far advanced that it gives them an unfair advantage – Yeah

Well, perhaps there's a compromise How about for road racing events, competitors still have to use the sort of traditional diamond frame that adheres to the UCI rules and helps preserve the aesthetic of the sport But, for time trials, there could be a second set of rules The UCI rules could be relaxed so that cyclists could ride well, amazing, radical bikes It would just encourage loads of innovation and well, techsploration – Well, there was a time when they could

Remember that Look 296 tire that you had in your hands the other day? – [Ollie] Yeah – Anyway, we want to know your thoughts on this, so let us know in the comments down below Should pro cyclists be able to ride these ultra high-tech trial bikes in TT's? (dramatic music) – More tech now and you know what, maybe sort of, crazy trial bikes are not all they've cracked up to be – [Chris] What do you mean? We've just spent the last 10 minutes talking about it – Yeah, I know

But, in addition to Lange's speed max who, well he won the event, the fastest bike split, and Kona record, were set by Cameron Worth, who was riding– (beeping) Mate, I don't know how to pronounce Pinarello Bolide, I'm just saying (laughs) – That's quite alright, I've done a little research on this Just don't tell the camera guy – [Computer] Pinarello Bolide – Nice (beeping) A brand new triathlon specific version of the

– [Computer] Pinarello Bolide – And take a look at that, no funky beam shape going on there, well look at it – Yeah, that actually looks pretty cool And it's not too dissimilar to the one that Team Sky used This new – Pinarello Bolide

– TR is actually their first tri-specific bike and as such, it features disc brake only and revised geometry, including a taller head tube, which should make those 180 kilometer bike legs in the IRONMAN more comfortable You would think, maybe – Yeah – [Chris] Also, look at this neat storage box behind the head tube – Yeah, plenty of storage space in there

Triathletes love sandwich boxes, don't they? There's also a highly UCI illegal sandwich box that can fit just above the bottom bracket inside the tube as well – [Chris] You could get a pizza in there – You could too – Cool – We nailed the pronunciation there, mate

– High five (laughs) – Yes There's also a new wheel from Enve, who've released the one wheel that was kind of missing in their lineup, which is a time trial disc, and apparently, it took over five years to develop, and we actually spotted Dimension Data riding unbadged versions of this wheel this season And, it's gonna be available in rim and disc brake versions – Nice, a disc disc? You'd have wheel envy if you saw that

– Yeah, you would, yeah And the other interesting thing is that it's only gonna be available in a clincher version, although it is tubeless compatible and, apparently, it's also optimized for 25 millimeter tires, which is consistent with the sort of, latest data that suggests that the lowest rolling resistance is offered by 25 millimeters and tubeless systems, so yeah Interesting It's gonna be about $2,700, I believe (tool drilling) (cash register dinging) – It's now time for Screw Riding Upgrades, Buy Upgrades, for your chance to win a GCN workshop apron, all you have to do is drop your upgrades into the uploader tool that's in the description below

– Yeah, or, well, apron/cape, or cape-ron as many of you have suggested it should be called in the comments Speaking of which, where is the cape-ron? – Oh, normally, I get it thrown in my face John Caddings! Yeah, see, we thought he was on holiday He's in the basement – Thanks, mate – Firstly, though, we need to announce last week's winner

It was Ben from Peterborough up against Chris from Winnipeg And, with a whopping 59% of the votes, it was Ben from Peterborough who found the bike in a bush – Caperon's in the post – Congratulations – So this week, what do we have? Well, firstly, we've got Felix from Bristol in the UK

So, this is Felix's 1980's Peugeot Dakar mountain bike that has been converted into a drop-bar one-by bike Felix bought the frame for 40 pounds He then swapped most of the components to create a bike that met Felix's dirty requirements, albeit within a budget Felix's upgrades include Mavic rims and Shimano one-by hubs, Continental Race King 22 inch tires, Shimano 1142 cassette, Shimano Altis rear derailleur, Shimano Dura Ace bar and shifters, 40-tooth narrow wide chainring, threadless adapter and stem, flared drop bars, and Shimano brake levers

That is a serious upgrade And what we used to see plenty of people experimenting with late in the, well, 80's, early 90's Great looking bike – Felix is up against another flat bar to drop bar conversion this week and he will be going head-to-head with Francois from Vancouver Francois needed a solid winter bike to deal with the Canadian climate

Francois, he looked high and low for the ultimate solution when it was staring him in the face, with a flat bar conversion project The Brodie Tempyst was the bike of choice And the suspension forks were already swapped for some Rigid Carbon ones But then, the real work began In order to use the current group set, Francois treated the Brodie to some Gevenalle friction shifters mounted on the hoods, allowing Francois to run drop bars with the MTB setup

Some 30 millimeter rims and Schwalbe x-one 33 millimeter wide tires finished it off nicely Francois notes that the bike is very pressure washer safe, unlike their road bike – Nice – What do you reckon then, Ollie? Felix or Francois? – I think they're both excellent submissions I'm a big fan of the Peugeot, but it's not up to me, it's up to you guys, so get voting up here

– It's now Bike of the Week Last week was the Rebel E-Bike versus the Tifosi Mons and stealing the show with a whopping 73% of the vote, it was drumroll, (rhythmic patting) The Tifosi Mons – Big margin, that – It is a bit, yeah Who's up this week? – Well, this week, we've got two Canyons

So, we have got the custom painted Canyon of European Cyclocross champion Matio Vanderpool, it's a in-flight CF SLX full carbon frame, Dura Ace DI2 two-by groupset, should point out C40 wheels, and also interesting he's got a bottle on there which is unusual for a cyclocross bike It was allowed because that photo was taken in a race with unusually hot conditions Naturally, it's got really nice custom paintwork on there – Yeah, who's he up against? – He's up against Alejandro Valverde, who, well, he's back in the head-to-head Bike of the Week again

Justifiably though, because this is his World Champion's Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, and well, it's just beautiful, it's got the World Championships livery on it, sort of rainbow stripes everywhere, on the wheels, the power meter, the fray Oh yeah, it looks absolutely brilliant, absolutely awesome, so – Yep, make sure you vote up there in the top right corner I think I know who my vote is going to – Yeah, I'm

– And it's not Valverde (both chuckling) – I'm going for Valverde on that one – I don't like that, it's too white

– Yeah, but tune in next week to see who wins the Head-to-Head Bike Vault time now, where you submit pictures of your bike with the chance to be entered into our bike vault Who's gonna ring the bell this week? Do you want to ring the bell? – I don't know if I can pick up from where Cannings took off last week (cowbell ringing) – Ringing the bell – Woop Woop

– Okay – Come on then – Let's get going – [Together] First up – Well, we got Luke from the Gold Coast in Australia with his Specialized Allez Sprint

Vision Trimax wheels, SRAM Force groupo, Zipp cockpit, Rotor cranks, Aero rings, Courser tires Look at that! That, well, I really like that I don't see many bikes in that color and I just think it's smart, he's ticked all of the boxes, the crank arms in the right position for the photo, he's got a nice background, you can see it – [Chris] You know what I actually really like is the fact that it's the aluminum sprint version, I think that's pretty cool – [Ollie] Yeah, very cool

Aluminum frame, and they don't look aluminum, they're incredible looking frames And he's lined up his wheel logos as well, everything! – [Chris] You've either got too much time on your hands, or just great attention to detail, I think – [Ollie] No, I think attention to detail Super nice – Yes

(cowbell ringing) – Next up, Joe from North Andover in, I think that's Maine, in the USA – [Chris] Calfee Dragonfly Tandem Carbon frame, carbon Rolf wheels, 60 mil, carbon handlebars, DI2 11 speed, hydraulic disc brakes – [Ollie] You could almost imagine Batman and Robin riding along on that, couldn't you? – [Chris] That bike is twice as nice as if it only had one saddle – [Ollie] Yeah, I've never seen a tandem quite like that, but that's very, sort of, unique, isn't it? – [Chris] Yeah, you know what, though? I would absolutely love to have a tandem to ride with my wife, so for me, I can't not give that a super nice if it was any sort of tandem

– [Ollie] Right, well, let's do it – Come on! (cow bell ringing) – Next up we have Shawn from Toronto in Canada and this is his Cielo by Chris King mechanical Campangolo chorus and Bora One wheels, includes a Silca frame pump too, very classy, Silca frame pump – [Chris] Nice, I love to see– – [Ollie] I mean, yeah, slight, slight, nitpick, uncut steerer, but, maybe he, you sort of measure twice, cut once, don't you, so maybe he's just playing it safe there, which is sensible – [Chris] Yeah, there is that You know what? Why doesn't your pump match the color of your bike? You've got yellow on green – [Ollie] Bit of a clash there

I think he needs to color match that pump, spray it, customize it, that's a bit of a – [Chris] At least your tires line up with your valves You're redeeming yourself there, 'cause I ride around at the moment with one that's not matching

It really annoys me, but I don't have the time to change it – [Ollie] Yeah, I think that's a nice – Yeah, it's nice, but also, I would have lined it up with the rear wheel against the bolide instead of the frame – Yeah, yeah – Good try though

– Yeah, good try, right What have we got next, Chris? – We have Uso Toku, Finland, Cannondale Caad12 1×11 eTap and Red 22 components It's a hill climb specific gearing on that bike, and it's underneath the UCI weight limit – [Ollie] Ooh, that is nice – [Chris] I said it to John last week that I love that Cannondales have stuck to that traditional geometry, the flattop tube – [Ollie] Yeah, the flattop tube is classic, isn't it? You know, when we talk about radical, funky designs

There's something really appealing about that His saddle is very flat as well, very flat – [Chris] It is, lovely angles – [Ollie] I think that is a very nice bike A very nice autumnal scene as well – [Chis] Yeah, I feel like this deserves, you've even gone out of your way to take a bike stand for that picture

– [Ollie] I know, super nice (cow bell ringing) Next up, we have Gael from Levis in Canada, hope I've pronounced that incorrectly – [Chris] What if it's Levis? – Levis, yeah (both laughing) This is his Bianchi Aria, Campag groupset, Flite saddle on there as well, sort of just a classic Celeste Bianchi If John Cannings was here, that would be an automatic super nice just 'cause it's a Celeste Bianchi, but, for me, it's not immediately jumping out at me as super nice

His saddle looks like it's tilted just a bit, a bit upright there, which is – [Chris] I'm gonna take issue with the yellow Swisstop sticker – [Ollie] Yeah, and I'm, the uncut steerer, there's a lot of uncut steerer there

– [Chris] That's probably a fork from a bike three sizes bigger, but, it's a lovely bike, however – [Ollie] It is a lovely bike, but I think that's a nice – [Chris] Gonna be a nice from us – Yeah, a nice Right, that's the end of the Bike Vault this week, unfortunately – I wanted to ring the bell more

– Keep submitting your entries, we get so many, so we try and work through (speaking gibberish) (beeping) We try to work through as many of them as possible, but hopefully, one day, you'll see your bike on there It's nearly time for the end of the show, but before we go, let's have a look at what's coming up on the channel this week – On Saturday, we have an in-depth look at Cy's cyclocross bike which he took on the Three Peaks Challenge with, On Sunday, it's your chance to win, and an unboxing of the Sigma Rox bike computer – On Monday, we've got a video, Five Ways to Make Your Bike Faster, on Wednesday, we have got a tech clinic, and on Thursday, we're back here for the tech show

– Yep, and if you didn't win a caperon this week, I'm still not convinced about that word, you can buy them in the shop, so why not check them out down there? – Yeah, I mainly use mine for cooking and fighting bike-related crime – I normally wear mine with nothing underneath – Yeah, oh, well, and if you'd like to watch another video, then why not click down here for a video on Red Hook Tech?

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