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Sena Tech Talk: Momentum EVO – 진화한 핏과 기능


Momentum EVO helmet evolved from the Sena Bluetooth momentum helmet line Added connectivity and redesigned fit of Sena Mesh Intercom Momentum EVO can be connected to the mesh intercom with one click 4-way Bluetooth intercom And connectivity with the devices How does it work? The user guide and quick start guide for getting started are available at Sena

com Or through the utility app on Momentum EVO For those who are familiar with Sena products Momentum EVO works very similarly to Sena 30K headsets Mesh communication and Bluetooth intercom can be used at the same time When wearing a helmet, there is a Micro USB charging port and a new mesh intercom button on the right side of the Momentum EVO As with the previous Momentum helmets, you can turn it on using the button on the left side of the helmet Short press the mesh button on the right side to enter mesh intercom mode 'Mesh intercom on' The helmet can now connect with other mesh users within range This means that other Momentum EVO users and 30K users That means you can even connect instantly with Sena or Bluetooth users who have connected + Mesh Sena Mesh allows riders to instantly connect within range You can leave without interruption to the rest of the group Connect them all with just one click The left side of the helmet has its own Bluetooth module All the Bluetooth manipulation of the helmet can be done here Power on or off "Preparing headset ready" 'Hello / Hello' Volume up and down Or receive an incoming call To enter intercom pairing mode to pair with another Sena or Bluetooth headset Press the center button for 5 seconds "Intercom paring / intercom pairing" The other Bluetooth device also enters intercom pairing mode Press one of them short to connect Other features, such as phone pairing, have to enter the helmet's settings menu Press and hold the center button for 10 seconds You will hear a voice prompt soon 'Configuration menu' Short press the + button "Phone pairing" 'Phone connected' Momentum EVO's Bluetooth feature enables 4-way Bluetooth intercom You can also connect two media devices, such as a phone or GPS How about using both Bluetooth and Mesh at the same time? For example, if a Momentum EVO helmet and a Bluetooth user ride Momentum EVO's Bluetooth intercom allows you to pair with other Bluetooth devices After pairing via Bluetooth, press the Mesh button on the Momentum EVO to join the public mesh 'Mesh intercom on' Bluetooth users are already connected to the helmet Is introduced into the mesh through Momentum EVO

By default, Bluetooth users can join the Momentum EVO and join a mesh intercom group Momentum EVO features a redesigned fit and finish Oval shape Improved vents And new visor locks More information at Senacokr Check out the rest of the tutorials on our YouTube channel

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