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Secret CLEARANCE eBay Tech Deal (HURRY – 1 DAY ONLY!)


– I have your insider, secret clearance deals, and savings for eBay Hey guys, I'm The Deal Guy, Matt Granite, welcome back to the channel

If you missed it, I did an insider secret deal, listing Roundup at Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, Costco, and today I'm gonna target eBay Get it, target, 'cause I did that video? Anyhow, it's fine It's fine, you're here, I'm here If you like this type of content, please give it a thumbs up Subscribe, turn your notifications on, and you'll never miss a big deal

I'm going to show you what is the tech deal of the month, possibly the season, all based on whether or not you know how to really work eBay to your advantage So quick thing, quick disclaimer, if you've never shopped on eBay before, a lot of people believe that it's an auction-type of process and you need to bid And if you don't bid, and you don't get the correct amount, you won't necessarily get the product, and that it's a free-for-all No, eBay actually has one of the best buyer protection programs anywhere, and you can see very clearly just how reputable the merchant is that you're interacting with Similar when you shop on Walmart, or Amazon, if you buy a product, you're not always buying it from Walmart, you're not always buying that bedsheet set from Amazon

There's a third party from which you're shopping and that's the case with today's deals So a reminder on mattsdailydealscom, your key to scoring today's deal exists in the link I do use affiliate links, which means I benefit monetarily If you're kind enough to use one of my links, don't forget to sign up for my email newsletter

You will truly save more money than you ever thought possible Click on this Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, that's 99 bucks down to 29, and I'm telling you right now, this has the sound quality of JBL, Bose I'm going to compare it, and you'll actually see it unboxed in a moment But this is the Bluetooth speaker link that you need to click Click Buy Product, and it's going to take you to eBay

So first things first, you'll see right now, the merchant has a 992 positive, feedback guarantee tied to it, and they do ship very quickly Since this listing went live, 93 units have already been sold That means this could disappear in an instant Do not click Buy Now, don't click Add to Cart, what you wanna do is click Make Offer

And one of the things that I do because I have no life whatsoever, is I test the different offers at which certain merchants will accept certain prices So I tried buying this for $26, 27, 28, nothing worked And I made an offer for 29 bucks and the merchant accepted it And then I thought, well, maybe that's a coincidence I asked one of my friends to place an order

And then I told my dad to buy his own Father's Day present for himself at this price, 'cause of course, he was already saving 70 bucks This is what you need to do Click Make Offer, and then offer $29 on the dot Don't offer 2999, don't offer 28

99, $29, and disregard the increase your offer message from eBay, where they're trying to tell you that if you offer $51, the merchant is more likely to accept it, don't worry about that Then click Review Offer What happens is this then gets submitted to the merchant and within what could be five minutes, or usually 24 hours at most, the merchant will get back to you and notify you that they've accepted the offer, and then from that point forward, you need to click buy, and you will get a $100 Bluetooth speaker for 29 bucks So the big question is how does this compare to other Bluetooth speakers? I'm going to show that to you The first thing's first, the JBL Flip, which had slightly better sound due to the fact that it's an omnidirectional speaker, meaning it's round rather than the one that I'm gonna show you, which has a different shape, that the slight edge might've been on the JBL, but it didn't have an FM radio and it didn't have a flashlight, and it wasn't rugged to the extent that this speaker is

The other one that I tested it against is this Bose Now this is the Bose SoundLink, and I have absolutely no idea how we're able to justify a $149 deal price on this That makes no sense to me It also has that 360-degree design, but it's $50 off It's not rugged like the DOSS speaker and it doesn't have an FM radio or a flashlight

You guys might be thinking FM radio, who cares? Well, you know what, these days I've noticed that having local access to radio and emergency alerts is, it's helpful And then the flashlight it's great for camping, hiking, and it really is waterproof Take a look at the test that I did I ran this underwater, I tested afterwards, I made sure that the audio was still clear And it was not only rugged and performing beautifully, but the audio that comes through this speaker is tremendous

You get great bass, it's ultra-compact, it's got an anti-tip design, and it is also a speakerphone So that means rather than bringing your $1,000 phone beside the pool or the water, well, this will act as an extension to your smartphone You use that wherever you are, you can answer your calls In my case, it's usually my Nana asking why my deal sold out, and she gets very mad at me So I can take her call by the pool or in the sand, and I can then use this camping or hiking later down the line

The other thing that I want to mention is the battery life The battery life is pegged at 15 hours by the manufacturer I've gotten the speaker to run 15 and a half, no problem Usually 15 hours and 40 minutes, that's if you don't use the flashlight If you use the flashlight, it degrades the battery life faster, but it's a comparable battery life

Maybe the sound, not quite on the same level as the Bose or the JBL, but it's awfully close, and it's 29 bucks A reminder to score that deal, mattsdailydealscom Follow the links through, make an offer Don't pay full price for it, and you will score something that is truly music to my ears

And my ears are, they're regular-size, my nose is, I know, oversize for my face But I think I've got a good judge of audio, and I will tell you that if you have any comments that you'd like to share after you purchased this, please come back to the video and leave a comment I always love hearing from subscribers If you're not yet subscribed, please subscribe Turn your notifications on, it'll make my day, and it'll also hopefully make your day later down the line, as you continue to save a lot of money, every day, moving forward

I love you, thanks for watching Bye-bye

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