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Sauvegardez Vos Photos ET Chargez Votre Smartphone en DORMANT – iXpand Wireless Charger


Hi friends, it's Stéphane, welcome to this new video Today, I present you a SanDisk loader which will save your photos during that you will sleep and that will also make room in your smartphone

If that's not good, huh The small generic that goes well and we find ourselves right after Before I start, I want to thank the coffee of the geek who allowed me to test this SanDisk charger So, there are several ways to store and save these photos Well, with this SanDisk iXpand Wireless Charger, we stock, save and we can also charge his smartphone and all that while sleeping For once, it's rather practical

I explain how it works and the benefits of having this type of accessory Packaging and Unboxing The box is classic, it provides all the necessary information Inside, there is the charger, the AC adapter with a cable of 180 meters, but also two taken, European and English Ideal for those who travel

The design is rather simple and suddenly, it goes everywhere The quality of materials is good, at the same time, we are on SanDisk which is not really famous for making low-end products With this wireless charger, you also free space on your smartphone How to do ? And well, nothing more simple, just download the application iXpand Load The charger is recognized on the wifi network and does not work in Bluetooth Via the app, you can track the percentage of the smartphone's battery, photos and contacts saved and stored in the iXpand

Note that the photos are saved in their original resolution The connection is almost all alone Just follow the instructions on your phone The loader can create custom backup profiles for each user so you can share it with your whole family And if you do not want to share your photos, just put a password Of course, if we want to erase the photos from the iXpand's memory, we can do it via the app

Side of the technical characteristics SanDisk offers this accessory in 128 and 256 GB It is compatible with Qi phones, so wireless charging The charger that is supplied develops 10 W, suddenly, it is very fast for the load In conclusion This iXpand Wireless Charger is an accessory that quickly becomes practical and especially ultra easy to use No need to take the head, we sleep, he takes care of the rest by simply placing his smartphone on it

I leave you the Links Link AppStore and Google Play in the description and also the Amazon link if you're interested It can make a nice Christmas present Thanks again to the Café du Geek, I also leave you the link of the site in the description Here are the friends, tell me in the comments what you think and if you use this kind of accessory As usual, if you liked, peter the blue thumb in the corner of the thumbs blue is always fun If you want, share this video on your social networks

It's just as fun 🙂 Speaking of social networks, You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Snapchat and the YouTube channel All the links are in description below this video You also find a link to help the association Les Lutins of phoenix that helps by bringing Geek culture into events disguising, sick children in hospitals to make them happy and that they forget their cancers for a moment Friends was Stéphane, I'll see you soon for a next video Above all, take care of yourself

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