Samsung’s Phone of the year is HERE

first look of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Unboxing the latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 Development, New Top 10 2021 Smartphone list, Samsung One UI on iPhone & More!

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73 thoughts on “Samsung’s Phone of the year is HERE

  1. I told my brother this was coming so he should've waited b4 buying the s20 FE but he didn't listen… I wanna see the look on his face after I show him this.

  2. I don’t understand why they are doing an FE. The base S21 is basically that and it has been price cut since the end of February. Can get the S21 for $599 at most places

  3. Samsung are doing foolishness. Imagine putting back in sd card slots, why not have it on all phones it literally takes probably a tenth of a cent more

  4. Samsung just has toooooo many variants which I hate…. It could be simple right?
    M series
    A series
    Note series
    S series
    Z series
    and now the FE series.

    its just too much
    A point will come when all the samsung's midrange smartphones will have no difference

  5. Why the hell is Samsung putting the SD card on the cheaper phones but not the more expensive phone's. I have a Note 10 plus with 512 gb and a 256 gb SD card made by Samsung.If they don't make a next Note I will be going to another brand.I don't want a bloody foldable.It's not so much the price it's the practically. As a painter dust and water are of concern

  6. Flop phone of the Year awards goes to Samsung s21 fe , hybrid sim slot , no dedicated slot ,cameras bhi kisi kam k nhi sirf 12 to 16 megapixel , Samsung walo water ka drop leker dubki lagao or murjao uskay under uper say rate 120000 rs shame on samsung giving us too much poor performance of this phone is phone ko koi banda bhool kr ba na lehay Samsung s21 fe flop phone ko apnay pass rekhay humein iski zarorat nhi hai

  7. I don't want to hear about the fan edition anymore as I had serious problems with S20FE and I had to upgrade to S21 in order to get rid of it. I had touch screen issues ever since I bought that phone and never been completely fixed. I am talking about dead zones on the touch screen!

  8. Flop phone of the year awards goes to Samsung s21 128 gb fe addition aik to price bohat ziada hai Samsung s21 fe addition ki , upper say camera bhi farigh hai , samsung s21 fe addition mein uses share 2 sim slot hai dedicated slot nhi , yahan pr dedicated slot hona chaye tha, 700 dollar bohat ziada rate hai samsung s21 fe 128gb ka Jo k kisi tor pr qabool nhi according to it's specifications, pk mein is rate 119000 rs banta hai samsung k farig tareen, gatya tareen phone Samsung s21 fe addition ka , jub k s21 fe 128 gb ki aukat 55000 say ziada nhi , shame on u Samsung launch too much high price of Samsung s21 fe addition begarto pani ka aik qatra lekr dob k merjao , Samsung s21 fe ko apnay passed almari mein.sunbal ker rekho ko isko koi free mein bhol k b nay lay , Samsung walo begarto hum log s21 fe addition ko flop phone of the year ka award detay hain , ab begarto Samsung walo jawab do yeah phone agalay 100 years mein bhi best phone of the year ka award nhi milskta han albata , oppo, realme , mi note 10 pro 108 mega pixel etc ko best home of the year ka award milskta is phone s21 fe addition ko kanji zara jawab do Samsung walo

  9. They have to fix the touch screen issues? An excellent phone but these matters have to be addressed? Other than that a stellar release. For 7oo.oo bucks, not too shabby 😉!

  10. To be the best phone of the year in my opinion it also needs to be able to capture pictures of moving objects(e.g. toddlers, pets etc) blurry free. Still Samsung's achilles heel.

    Great battery life is also a must. Plus, the phone needs to not feel like a brick(aka Galaxy s21 Ultra) or be uncomfortable(Galaxy Note 20 Ultra).

    Samsung is the GOAT, but there still a lot of room for improvement.

  11. the fact that Samsung had an eye test on the iPhone is smart in showcasing what they could do depending on the user's preferences. 🙂

  12. When the s21 fe comes out will Samsung lower the price for the s20 fe? I have been wanting to get that phone and honestly I am wondering if I should just wait till then

  13. The FE series makes me wish I used Samsung phones instead of IOS just cuz the designs are beautiful. Atm using the iPhone 12 mini and love it but Samsung is tempting here and there

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