Samsung’s New Virtual Assistant?

Samsung’s new virtual assistant Sam could replace Bixby as Samsung’s virtual assistant on smartphones according to some people. But will it really happen, though. I have explained some reasons why Sam the virtual assistant is just a 3D mascot and not an AI assistant like Sir, Alexa, Google assistant, or even …
So there’s speculation going on the internetthat Samsung is redesigning or I might say.replacing Bixby by an actual 3D model namedSam in short for Samantha..A lot of you commented yesterday asking whetheror not this thing is actually true?.Is Bixby indeed getting replaced by Sam, thisvirtual assistant?.Well, let me explain..First off, Sam is created by Lightfarm incollaboration with Cheil, Cheil is a owned by Samsung..Minutes after photos of Sam were posted ittook over the internet, people started appreciating.her looks saying she’s attractive, it wastrending on Twitter for hours, and people.even made dedicated subreddits for her withsome having over 60K members..And many started calling Sam their ‘waifu’..I don’t watch Anime, so I had to look it up,It basically means who your wife is in the.anime world or in other words, an anime charactertowards which a person feels attracted..Lightfarm who created this released a statementthat says, “Throughout the process, the team.devoted itself to developing realistic materials,mainly for the character’s hair and clothing,.so that Sam appeared aesthetically pleasing..Sam was an incredible partnership betweenthe Cheil Agency and Lightfarm, and we are.thrilled to be part of this project!”.Interestingly, Lightfarm took the webpagedown for some reason..Not really sure why, probably it has to dowith people creating not suitable for out of this character..I don’t know but a lot of people are sayingthat Sam is here to replace Bixby..But if you ask me, I don’t think she’s real,it could be just a 3D mascot and not an AI.avatar of any sort..Well, that’s because Samsung didn’t mentionanything about the existence of this, Sam.hasn’t been used in any commercial productsor advertisement campaigns, nor Samsung has.dropped any hints that they’ll be replacingBixby..Technically, Sam does exist but in the formof a technical support chatbot in limited.countries such as Belgium as you can see here..Currently, it is in the form of a 2D imagerepresenting the bot..So it’s possible this 3D Sam is created bythe imagination of the designer and this isn’ official thing at all..But then again, lightfarm said Cheil is oneof their collaborators for the project..Cheil is an advertising firm under the Samsunggroup so I’m not totally ruling out the possibility.either..So if this is indeed a real thing and thepossibilities are slim but still if it’s real.then I don’t think it’s here to replace Bixby..Instead, it might replace this 2D technicalsupport chatbot Sam which means even if this.turns out to be real, it may not come to ourSamsung smartphones..It’s also possible that Samsung may reachout to lightfarm and announce a partnership.and could use this 3D character for theirfuture advertising videos, and who knows Sam.could also end up as one of a Neon character,an Artificial Human technology, offering real-time.interactive conversational experience..So you never know..Until Samsung doesn’t come out and say anythingabout it, consider it just a 3D mascot..With that said, do consider subscribing forall the latest tech news and as always I’ll.see you tomorrow…Peace out.

63 thoughts on “Samsung’s New Virtual Assistant?

  1. They should actualy use Sam as an assitant. And now its free advertisement for them. Besides saying "Hi Sam" its easier and natural then "Hi Bixby"

  2. Hi sal sir i am the same guy who always comment lovely sal
    Or nice sal
    You are My English teacher ETC
    i watch Your Videos because i loved it and i am making same content like you
    But i also cover smartphones updates+ LEAKS So you are my inspiration if i want to make leaks videos i saw yours and try to make similar to yours
    Are you okay with it?

  3. I love the edit in the end lol made perfect timing with what you said
    When Sam was holding the phone u could've just edited a subscribed picture on the phone and that would've been perfection lol

  4. is a good advertisement but probably Samsung is not gonna release something "official" is something that is gonna be forgotten

  5. Yeah man, she is looking awesome, i think, for Sam, many men will through their wife away and will be active on their devices forever. I think human females are embarrassing compared to this anime human female. This is the correct female that a men dream of, including me.
    I'm sorry ladies, if this thing really comes into practicality, you ladies are done. Although, reproduction will be in a question.

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