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Samsung's Beyond Infinity Smartphone LEAKED


So full-screen smartphones are becoming mainstream these days Various OEM's are using motorized setups to achieve a full-screen display

Of course, there are companies like Oppo and Xiaomi who have even showcased an under display camera tech where the camera is hidden underneath the display to achieve a perfect full-screen smartphone But as it turns out, the tech isn't ready for mainstream just yet Oppo held an event a few days ago and people who attended the event said that the quality of the images taken from the front camera isn't so good So the tech is cool but it still needs some refinements That being said, have you ever wondered what is going to happen after they perfect the technology

Is that the endgame when it comes to the design as far as the front is concerned because it's going to be all screen at the front? Well, absolutely not OEM's can go even beyond 100% screen to body ratio and Samsung is working on such a smartphone that indeed has over 100% screen to body ratio You might wonder how's that even possible? Well, let me explain Ice universe said a few weeks ago that Samsung is working on a smartphone that has 110% screen to body ratio and today he came up with an image of that handset As you can see, the screen curves at the side and goes all the way to the back

I mean almost covers the whole sides This is insane, to be honest, and looks incredible Not really sure what's going to be the practicality of such a smartphone but it looks good and that's what the average consumer cares about the most But before you get too excited about this, let me be the bearer of bad news and say that Samsung might have cancelled this project Ice Universe has also said that Samsung has cancelled it and is letting other companies use this type of display

Just like how they let OnePlus use the 90Hz display on the OnePlus 7 Pro even before them Which really sucks if you are a fan of Samsung Since Samsung makes these innovative things by themselves you expect them to introduce such revolutionary tech to the world on their own smartphones first before letting others use it on theirs But it's not happening lately and that is a huge disappointment because some other company is taking that spotlight Look I understand it's business at the end of the day, Samsung is here to make money so do others but it could have been cool if we saw this on a Samsung smartphone first

Anyway, Ice Universe said Samsung has cancelled it But I don't think they have It's just that Samsung doesn't feel the phone is ready or the tech is ready to be implemented on a high profile device such as a Samsung flagship You see other Chinese companies can take the risk and implement such a display Even if it goes wrong they have less to lose and more to gain

But it's a totally different story when it comes to a brand like Samsung The number one smartphone brand in the world They have everything to lose That's the reason brands like Samsung and Apple wait for the tech to be perfect before implementing it because they know if something goes wrong, it's going to affect tens of millions of people and it's a risk that they can't afford to take But I'm positive we will see this on a Samsung smartphone in the future

Samsung may not be the first one with this phone but I'm sure there will be a Samsung phone in the future which is gonna look like this or even better Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrowpeace out!

Source: Youtube

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