Samsung’s best 4K TV of 2021 is QLED (QN90A review)

OLED TVs have the best picture quality available, but Samsung’s latest QLED model is gunning hard for the crown. Powered by an all-new mini-LED backlight and more precise light control, it …

22 thoughts on “Samsung’s best 4K TV of 2021 is QLED (QN90A review)

  1. Why doesn't CNet talk about colors, contrast and their numbers? How upscaling and local dimming work and things like these….. CNet was the place to look if you would like to buy a tv in the past, but not anymore…. :/

  2. Peak 4k was 2019, my 2020 Q95T already had tech removed and now only found in the 8k. 2021 is worse. But then CNET's days of in depth reviews has been gone for at least a decade. Fluff.

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