Samsung x Google – Taking It To A New Level

Samsung and Google are working closer than ever. Samsung is helping Google on a number of things that include merging the Tizen OS with wearOS to make Android smartwatches great again. Samsung is also helping Google to make its first-ever chipset that will go inside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 …
Samsung and Google seem to have had a rockyrelationship over the years..As Samsung grew larger and larger, eventuallybecoming the largest Android the world, it began to grow less and lessreliant on Google’s services..Sure, Samsung’s phones run Android, but Samsungdecided to use their own Tizen OS as Wear OS on their watches..And picking up a new Galaxy smartphone usuallymeans being met with two versions of essentially.the same app by both companies..Heck, Samsung even has its own Galaxy Storefor apps..But Things seem to be changing though..2021 marks the year when Samsung and Googleare working closer than ever..Samsung is helping Google on a number of thingsthat include merging the Tizen OS with make Android smartwatches great again..Samsung is also helping Google to make itsfirst-ever chipset that will go inside the.Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro..Not only that the Google discover feed aswell as Google messages are being integrated.into Samsung’s One UI software, Samsung isalso integrating Google Nest products into.its SmartThings ecosystem and many more..And all of this happened in 2021..And if you were wondering that this relationshipwouldn’t get any deeper then think again because.Samsung is also helping Google to make theirfirst foldable smartphone..A brand new report from Korea says that Googleis one of the various Android device makers.that are looking to launch foldable phonesby the end of the year..Samsung Display will mass-produce the OLEDpanels that Google will use for the Pixel.Fold..And not just the foldable panels, Samsungwill also provide ultra-thin glass to Google..This film is applied on top of the displayfor added durability..None of the current foldable phones by otherOEMs have Ultra-thin glass including Huawei’s.Mate X2 which many consider is one of thebest foldable smartphones right now..So the Pixel Fold or whatever Google endsup calling their foldable phone will offer.the same durability that Samsung’s top-of-the-linefoldable phones offer..The Korean report says that the Pixel Foldwill have a 7.6″ main display that folds inwards.and Google will launch the handset in Quarter4 of 2021..Interestingly, the display analyst Ross Youngsays that Google isn’t just working on a but they will launch a rollable smartphoneas well..But tells not to expect the handset to belaunched this year..And not just Google, China-based manufacturers,such as Xiaomi and Oppo, are also joining.the competition with foldable phones thisyear, which is great for the industry as it.will allow the component prices to go downsince production will go up and as a result,.the prices of foldable phones will come downwhich we might see happen with the Galaxy.Z Fold 3 that is expected to cost 20% cheaperthan its predecessor..Now coming back to Google, they have lefta comment online that confirms the Pixel 6.and Pixel 6 Pro will have their own siliconas the source code mentions Whitechapel and.GS101 which are the codenames for Google silicon..Also, there was confusion as to what graphicsGoogle would use for their chipset..Turns out, it’s Mali GPU the same one thatSamsung uses for the Galaxy S21 lineup..Now it’s not clear whether Google will optfor a 14 core GPU like Samsung or a 24 core.Mali G78 GPU like Huawei..I guess we’ll have to wait and see..Of course, with that said do consider subscribingfor all the latest tech news and as always.I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out.

61 thoughts on “Samsung x Google – Taking It To A New Level

  1. And this all is to take down Apple as i see it… Coz working with Google would help them with their software side… they're also working with Amd for their graphics and lastly Microsoft is there for their pc side of ecosystem….. +They make great hardware… I guess they will really make a perfect Galaxy

  2. Mali G78? Mali G710 is already announced. why google has not changed it there is a lot of time for them to change GPU to Mali-G710 since the release of pixel 6 is october and the manufacturing could start in september.

  3. Whatever SoC Google makes, it should be based on arm v9 and the the CPUs and GPUs should be of the newer cores.
    Cortex -X2, A710, A510
    Mali- G710, G610, G510, G310.
    And it shouldn't be of the older cores

  4. Why are people acting like the Gear S2 classic to Galaxy Watch 3 weren't the best smartwatches for android already? I don't see a thing they lack from the Apple Watch that everyone praises while beating wearOS easily. I don't get the it..

  5. This is why Nvidia is partnering with ARM, because Nvidia knows ARM is a threat to them. Plus all those custom SOC's are ARM based. Wondering if Samsung + Google + AMD as their phone graphics that would be amazing. Sal loved all your videos, keep it up. 👌

  6. "same apps from both companies" never had that problem. there was never samsung internet and chrome or samsung message and google messages pre installed. there's either a samsung one or a google one. Seems like a stretched argument.

  7. Hey sal Ads in Samsung Phones are too much for me even their native apps like Weather,Health,Samsung Pay, SUCKS
    currently I am using a Galaxy A51.
    But If this F*uc*k #i#ng Samsung did stop giving Ads to me iam gonna buy iPhone xr .
    And Become Life IPhone users.
    This is very Serious issue Make a video on this thing.

  8. If your wife makes tacos for dinner, is she "helping you" eat tacos?

    Samsung isn't helping anyone but themselves by "manufacturing" hardware for Google or anyone else.

  9. It be un unpopular opinion but since I own both a S20 and a Pixel 5 I must confess that Samsung services are a major plus. The mail and messages apps are far superior compared to stock, as are some personalization features of one ui. I much prefer Samsung take on android from stock. The merger would be fantastic! advantage to

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