Samsung x AMD – LETS GO!

Samsung x AMD release date, Samsung isocell GN2 OFFICIAL, Google x Samsung rumors, Mi 11 Ultra & more!


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73 thoughts on “Samsung x AMD – LETS GO!

  1. Google should work with LG on a new pixel. Both aren't doing great. Telephoto, super wide cameras, top snapdragon chip, head phone jack micro SD, 120 htz. Don't even need the periscope camera

  2. camera hardwere of samsung, and camera softwere of google will make perfect camera phone.
    google also nead the ultra wide camera of the s21 and perescope zoom of 5× and its will be the perfect camera phone.

  3. Idk you but I even if samsung gets so much better then Apple still android is not a great thing:
    I had an iPhone 8plus and I just got s20FE
    The design is great,Display is amazing,speakers so loud,great speed
    But this android ruins it

  4. These mobile youtubers are just like a parasite…the same thing they speak so high off today but after a year they say that it is of low quality comparing it to another…, it tempts and excites our dopamine so much but we give a high price to get but later when these youtubers downgrade it comparing it to a better quality…we feel so low…i really like SAKITECH the youtuber and GEEKYRANJIT from india…they speak correctly…
    All these videos just give us temporary happiness but only the eternal happiness and peace of having eternal life through Lord Jesus Christ and his Word is permanent…Heaven and earth will fade away but the Lord Jesus Christ and his Word will eternally last..

  5. Do y'all people from YouTube don't understand that you already know Apple processor is two years ahead 2 years ahead problem you should already know that no matter what Samsung comes up with AMD process they still cannot beat two years ahead come on bro make some sense

  6. Google will never buy this. Google loves to make their phone as minimal as possible and they are not a hardware-focused company. They always want to achieve with just their software magic.

  7. samsung x AMD…..
    We will be having Ryzen in our phones lol. cannot really complain tbf, radeon graphics arent that bad but the chips are big
    Midrange- Ryzen 3 4300u
    high end- Ryzen 7 4700u
    flagship – Ryzen 9 5900HX lol

  8. So um you guys correct me if am wrong but since samsung is not going to be powered by android no more and is going to be powered by amd that means its not gonna be an android phone no more right?

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