Samsung x AMD DESTROYS Apple A14

Samsung x AMD Exynos Chip Early GPU benchmark vs Apple A14 looks INSANE, Galaxy A82 rotating camera coming back, Galaxy S21 Shipment Goals, Huawei Denies Exit & More news!

73 thoughts on “Samsung x AMD DESTROYS Apple A14

  1. I did all the steps expect Twitter I don't have Twitter and I don't know how to use with my luck I don't think I will win and I'm so late I think giveaway is already done 😅

  2. beat apple in processing game = forcing apple to stick to latest tech and innovation. if a samsung design with apple beating performance? im ready to switch ecosystem. but one damn thing is we need software support just like apple. something like updating iphone 6S even now!

  3. Wish I could follow on other social media apps but your YouTube channel works fine for me your presentation alone makes me to buy anything that Samsung rolls out 🔥🔥🔥 was never a fan of Instagram or Twitter

  4. Samsung phones will always e better than crApple phones. crApple truly doesn't give a fuck about their customers. Why? Because everyone buys them, regardless of who they are. Old people-Just need a phone and don't care what they have, nor do they care to research what they're buying or who they're buying it from. Lazy people-Self explanatory. People just buying it because they think it's the best because "It must be, that's why everyone has one, right?" Then there's the fanboys.. who just buy them because it's Apple, they assume it's better because it's Apple and care more about getting a crApple product than actually fucking researching what they're buying, these are the people that always assume Apple has the best stuff, regardless if you shove facts and specs down their throat, they'll trash talk you and call anything that's not Apple, garbage. Don't be a Blind Fanatic, do some research. My now almost 5 year old S7 Edge still holds like the day I bought it, and has better hardware than an iPhone 11

  5. Comparing a speculative future chip vs a past chip is pretty dang disingenuous. I would be shocked if the Samsung is capable of creating anything better than the A15.

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