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    Samsung Will Launch a Pop-up Camera Smartphone


    So a lot of manufacturers went with pop up cameras for solving the most challenging design problem that OEMs are currently facing To increase that screen to body companies experimented a lot

    Xiaomi put the front-facing camera at a corner of the bottom chin We've seen various type of notches Wide notch, thin notch, water droplet notch, bathtub notch too We've also seen dual display smartphones where they ditched the front-facing camera and relied on the back one to take selfies Now we're seeing holes to achieve a higher screen to body ratio

    But the most interesting approach is definitely the motorized camera setup Agreed, it's not a perfect solution but creative nonetheless Chinese companies like Vivo and Oppo popularised this concept And after playing it safe for quite some time, Samsung is now like, "Screw it, let's just do it Let's not give any advantage to these Chinese companies"

    So now, it looks like Samsung is releasing a popup camera smartphone as well According to Ice Universe, who's our go to guy for Samsung leaks just tweeted out that the Galaxy A90 will be Samsung's first popup camera smartphone It's a midrange device, not a flagship So people who don't like the motorized hardware need not worry I can assure you, the Galaxy S and Note series will never have this setup even in the future

    Of course, that said, the main advantage of pop up cameras is that you get an uninturrupted edge to edge display But there are some disadvantages too First, the device loses its water resistant IP rating for obvious reasons Second, it's another moving hardware component that can fail But I haven't heard anyone complaining that their pop up camera refused to work

    Vivo posted a video showcasing how these cameras can take abuse as well So I don't think durability should be an issue But then again, it's moving hardware so technically it can fail But the thing is, we're not actually at a point where an all-display front is a reality unless you do something like this It may not be a perfect solution but again, this is a midrange phone with a midrange price tag

    So I don't mind them experimenting with new things here And I really like this idea that Samsung has decided to take the risk with their budget or midrange phones Just look it, last year Samsung's midrange or budget phones absolutely sucked and now just a year later, they're offering flagship worthy features that the Chinese competitors are using Just goes to show, that Samsung is not playing safe anymore Anyway, let me know what do you think? How do you feel about Samsung using the motorized setup for their phones? Let me know in the comments and I'll see you'll tomorrow

    Peace out!

    Source: Youtube

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