Samsung Galaxy A82 Patent shows dual sliding phone with MASSIVE Speaker & Pop Up camera, New Galaxy A52 Leaked, Galaxy Z Flip 3 Concept & More!

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73 thoughts on “Samsung – WELCOME BACK

  1. I don't see the point in bottom slider AKG speaker…

    I hope Samsung will just go all 21 century on us and give us a smartphone with:

    – An infiny-O style 90hz Full HD 6.5 – 7 inch Super Amoled Plus display

    – Absolutely no ports, just speaker grills on top and bottom (with only sim and memory card slot on a side)…

    – 5-6000mAh battery


  2. We want good selfie cameras behind the screen, and speakers that are already great without you having to slide anything. This is the most underwhelming phone ever.

  3. Is about time that Samsung will extend their security software for their flag ship phones to 4 year instead of 2 years. At least that will give us enough time with our phones and the choice of getting a new phone on the 5th year….

  4. If this is true I think I'm gonna which from Flagship to Average cuz it looks futuristic mixing the old with it.. ( Remember when phones use to slide up like BlackBerry Torch )

  5. Is it motorized or a slider like the mi mix3?

    To be honest I still have the mi9 128 GB from 2018 with the snadragon 855 and it runs smoothly like on day 1 as well as I can play every game .I want…

    Next phone I buy has the latest Snapdragon and a under display camera.

    The brand of choice is XIAOMI

  6. A phone without a camera bump 😊 Shut up and take my 💰 but only if the back is metal or premium plastic. On the more serious not this phone will be thick as hell because the display and the back is sapareted so the actual hardware is in the middle making each component thicker than it normally would be.

  7. So not only headphone jack, we are also deprived of protection you would normaly put on a new smartphone.
    It will be hard to guard the phone against a fatal drop for 4 years so you could enjoy updates they advertise.

  8. so Samsung is throwing in random ideas from other ideas in other parts of the world as usual… i like the way they think in terms of marketing to maintain their customers… make fun phone useful phones that meets the aesthetics of what people would desire..

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