Samsung – This will change EVERYTHING.

Samsung might use fuchsia OS in the future, Google Pixel 6 …

63 thoughts on “Samsung – This will change EVERYTHING.

  1. that's we can't even imagine what new technology come next year what if anyone make a smartphone with no ram or no ram smartwatch has all of this and watch show everything on phone and Mobile have only display and camera it's make mobile super lightweight

  2. The Huawei p50 series is going to be looking amazing but too bad they're still banned from Google or else that phone would indeed made competition a lot better with Google Samsung and Apple.

  3. fuchsia os it was said to NOT replace android and you again clueless speak about what you don't know. Words like might, may, maybe, could, perhaps exist you know?
    Because even if google said categorically they won't, who knows, they may change their minds, but as far as we and google know today, won't happen.
    PS: fuchsia OS is a PC OS, not mobile.

  4. It's been 2 years since I last heard about Fuschia OS I hope it will be cross compatible with android until it get it's own sea of apps…

  5. > Use custom Android and this transparent look is not future.
    I've liked it 3years ago and always wanted Android to be multitasking and transparent in look.

    And their are many people who are living in future through their custom look on their devices.

    But it's really strange that Google choose this path. Instead of doing something really really different thing.

  6. I don't really think Fuchsia is a replacement for Android more another substructure. Android currently is built on top of the Linux Kernel which was made for Servers and Desktop primarily and fuchsia would be a more mobile focused kernel when then would once again run the Android runtime.

  7. Google should really try to find there own style for the Pixel phone. They have the software and bought the design department from HTC. Yet, the results are pitiful. And now developing a new OS with Samsung.🤔

  8. “ finally we have a perfect answer for the iPhone” THAT SOUNDED SOOO PATHETIC. I just wanted to buy a Samsung, but this made me buy an iphone

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