Samsung – THIS IS BIG

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra No chance, Galaxy Fold S / Galaxy Z FOLD TAB with TRIPLE FOLD DESIGN, Galaxy Z Fold 3 TOP Secret Chip, AMD Exynos, Galaxy Watch 4 …

73 thoughts on “Samsung – THIS IS BIG

  1. So by the time apple is on their 1st generation of a foldable phone, Samsung will be on its 3rd generation of foldable phone and 1st generation of a trifold tablet? What's even worst, we all know Samsung will make the foldable phone for apple lol. Whose the real innovative company?

  2. Will the watch 4 have an upgraded CPU? Better battery life? Because wear OS is toooo sluggish. Tizen is much better especially with battery life (3 days on my active 2)

  3. all i want is software refinement. At this point the hardware is really good but the software needs work. Much better than when i had the S7 and note 8. I see a lot of hardware pushes but never software 🙁

  4. There's no chip shortage.. that's just something that they like to spread around.

    Like what!?!?

    Did they just randomly decide to forget to make more? 🤣😂😅

  5. I dont get why they would just ditch their most iconic brand. Why would you do that? Just name this damn phone the galaxy Note Fold or better yet, just calle it the Note 21? Everybody is happy?

  6. If they discontinue the note, No more Samsung product for me I built my Samsung ECO based on my note phones. Everything I have home is Samsung and works perfectly great with my note phone. I don't get it how that childish fold thing is morr reliable than the note phone.

  7. If it is like you say samsung to me did the worst design ever that triple phone is soo ugly to me hands down not buying 100% plus what about that pen i have to worry about if i will lose it buy another if it doesn’t work naa man im out instead put that much space as a battery samsung in matter of fact give us the head charger too and headphones that you used to,i did have Samsung now i have iphone I can’t wait till it brakes so i can buy a good phone like oneplus 8T or something else iphone is a comunist company and Samsung i love it but im not a fan that they got rid of head charger,aux,headphones etc and what about screen record

  8. The Note 7 battery issue, wasn't the battery. It was mostly due to last minute change decisions by samsung that ultimately reduced the amount of space needed inside the phone to properly dissipate the accumulated heat generated by normal use. That caused the runaway effect and meltdown explosion. You can bet, if that company was to blame, for making faulty batteries. They would be out of business now. Samsun lost over a billion dollars on that fiasco.

  9. Well I said id be keeping my Note 20 Ultra 5G Mystic Bronze awhile ….and here I am, Sad Samsung turned their back on the phone that made them what they're …..Today!

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