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Samsung Smartphone – Tipps für schnelleres Schreiben


With your Samsung smartphone You can write and send text messages even faster You have different options

Is your Samsung keyboard open? Then you can, for example, just use the microphone for a voice message Tip the microphone and say something "Hi, I'm here today" You see the text immediately in the writing field With text shortcuts you make the writing easier

Tip on the gear This is how you get into the keyboard settings Under INTELLIGENT TIP you can now create shortcuts Tip on the top right to ADD Under quick access you enter your shortcut text

Under extended text, you then enter what you want to write out For example, "Bs" for "see you later" Then tap ADD Finished! You want to write even faster? That too is possible: under SETTINGS, SMART TIP and KEYBOARD EXTENSION you can choose to TIP STRIKE If you have activated this function, you can simply use your finger swipe over the letters to create your text

Best of all, your writing preferences apply everywhere, where you use your Samsung keyboard: for example in Whatsapp or in an SMS message That's it With these little tricks you save time while writing – and have more time for other beautiful things Have fun trying! Your Vodafone team

Source: Youtube

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