Samsung “Sam” Virtual Assistant Goes Viral on Social Media…

Clip from Lew Later (Apple’s Mysterious New AirPods Pro…) – Q …

60 thoughts on “Samsung “Sam” Virtual Assistant Goes Viral on Social Media…

  1. If anything, this stunt proved how many anime nerds are really out there. And if there weren't really that many, they are extremely vocal and will make it known lol.

  2. do I even have to evidence the fact that one of the largest tech companies in the world, failed , to anticipate the repercussions of their actions, in the matters technology ?
    I mean….. (expression of cluelessness)

    you're part of the largest network of comm devices in the world, from where a society develops, that reacts in a certain way, to certain inputs. 
    a process that you must have been monitoring with said very devices, over time, in order to study it…. and you fail to interpret it?
    how do you even corporation , if you fail to understand behavior ?

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