Samsung S21 Ultra vs iPhone Battery Life Test!

Full battery Life Drain Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs …

63 thoughts on “Samsung S21 Ultra vs iPhone Battery Life Test!

  1. Can u pls make a battery test of these except this time make it galaxy s21 ultra vs galaxy s21 plus vs galaxy s21 vs iphone 12 pro max vs iphone 12 pro vs iphone 12 (also the snapdragon version of these samsung phones not the exynos)

  2. Considering that the s21 ultra has by far the best display and also the best battery life, at least of these phones, is pretty dang good.

  3. Maybe you could add a time stamp at the top, right above each phone that tells us how long it lasted, right as soon as it dies? I love watching the battery drain tests. Thank you for making you videos. Anytime I go to buy a new phone, I immediately go to YouTube and type in the phone I'm thinking about, followed by your name. Lol. Continue to make videos please because people love your content. Thank you!

  4. Samsung can reach Apple İF THEY
    İmprove their optimization and Stabiliziaton
    Make phones with snapdragon 888
    Performe rock salt 90 FPS in games like Pubg
    Except that Samsung is a big trash with exynos variant 🤢

  5. Notice how those apples started to lose battery quickly after the 100 u charged them even if they were full on battery which goes over the limit if u download Leaves a larger voltage in the battery if you leave it charging after 100 percent but may decrease battery age

  6. My samsung S7 was able to play 10 hours of streaming on a full battery, exactly 10% for every hour and that was 2016-2017. Phone's aren't getting better, they last the same. It's just advertising bullshit. When the iphone A10 chip came out on the iphone 8 apple said it was almost as strong as a computer chip, and now the phone lags like hell. What happened to the chip? Did it suddenly lose power mysteriously? Smartphone companies are one of the most decieving. All companies intentionally reduce the lifetime of their products to make consumers buy more. Greedy assholes. Research "planned obsolescence" here on youtube and you'll understand.

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