Samsung QN95A Neo QLED 4K TV Unboxing + Picture Settings

We unbox the Samsung QN95A Neo QLED 4K TV with Mini LED backlighting, as well as explain the picture settings in the user menu.

Our review sample is the …

62 thoughts on “Samsung QN95A Neo QLED 4K TV Unboxing + Picture Settings

  1. TV looks intriguing, but is off my list since no dolly vision. Still interested to see the full review and how it will compare to the Sony x95J.

  2. I am very much looking forward to your review, thank you. My Sony oled is crapping out on me and I need an lcd replacement.

  3. No one connect box for Americans and no glare coating as well when they are provided for Europeans. That’s why I’m taking a pass and will probably go elsewhere for my next TV if they keep this up.

  4. I have a Samsung 75Q90R. It suffers from extreme dirty screen effect. Whenever the the camera pans on light colours, there is a static image, like a dirty camera lens superimposed on the picture. The panel was replaced as the original panel had a uniform grid of static dark circular patches that also appeared as DSE. Bright screen uniformity is also an issue. The edges are darker than the centre of the screen. I am trying to get Samsung to replace the panel again. Please check the QN95A for DSE and also bright screen uniformity. Please use real content with camera pans. For example blue sky, green pitch, interior scenes, snow etc. Any motion shows up DSE on my TV. Static images displayed accurately are not much use on a TV! I purchased the 75Q90R for the one connect box, reflection handling and bright room performance.

  5. It would be really interesting to test the new Mini LED TVs with various sizes of checkerboard patterns, especially with squares in the 0.5%-2% Window Area size range.
    With a single highlight the algorithm has a lot of space to gradually dim to pure black, but I want to see what happens when a display is pushed for a higher frequency highlight pattern (but not impossibly small like a starfield pattern).

  6. Hey Vincent, the HDR vids you're putting out are fantastic. That light to your right really pops. My girl walked by and said "that kinda looks 3D". My response of course was… "That's what she said…ding!" 😀

    Watching on my A8H. Your vid quality is top notch my brother! Appreciate all the fine details and effort you put in.

  7. Damn, that comedian was too distracting the way he was constantly moving around. I had a hard time concentrating on what you were saying. Please use a different footage next time, even if it's just "boring" news. As for requests, I'd be interested in brightness of HDR games with BFI enabled. Keep up the good work!

  8. Xbox Series X will have Dolby exclusive. MS paid Dolby. PS5 will not get it. That what happens when Sony paid Square to make exclusive FF7 Remake and Final Fantasy 16 only for PS5.

  9. The Qleds from Samsung are real shit, full of banding problem and dirty screen effect !!! Full of clouding problem, problem of uniformity, a dègulasse contrast, blacks which are rotten !! Blooming problem, uneven image processing is shit, contracts and viewing angles are rotten, …… we know the perfect image ahahaha

  10. Wonderful unboxing, just how a professional does it, little header at the top for them salty ones who seem to hate and mention in all of the, I mean their videos that it’s apparently wrong to be sponsored or to have a company send you review samples, anyways I digress, I can’t help but think the unboxing might look better with maybe a quilt or a bed in the background but I guess it’s the lack of them things and the professional room set-up, some would even say ‘dedicated’ room that keep Vincent and the other guys at the top of there game, I wish LG would bring a separate box or some kind of external box, mind you it would just add to the amount of AV gear I already have lol, really enjoyed seeing this model up close, can’t wait for a few side by side comparisons..
    Stay safe Vin man..keep on keeping on..

  11. Would like to know after you test it, how much of a detriment it is not having Dolby Vision on the TV. Is it something that would be felt as a big loss or will the TV be really good without it as well.
    Considering it's brightness capability etc.

  12. they're now shipping their tv with two remotes and three batteries instead of two. classic remote and the batteries will most likely never get any use, and all of it will sooner or later end as trash. how is that any better for the environment?

  13. Hi Vincent, if you're seeing this, can you advice on when will you be able to review the TCL C825 or if there are any plans at all to review that set? It is already available in some countries but with 0 reviews from a reputable source such as HDTVTest and RTINGS, the performance of this TV is anyone's guess. I'm on the fence along with many others interested in this TV. If there is indeed an upcoming C825 review happening, please let us know. Thanks!

  14. The bow in that panel when you attached the stand. It looked like it was gunna snap in two. Lol A lot of reports of failing sets this year. YouTube and forums are awash with them. From panel failure, hdmi issues, dirty screen effect, dead pixels and all kinds of problems.

  15. ya last thing im from singapore..i do something see you i wanted to find a new 65inc tv.some say philips tv good for eyes with it only brand with amblight..can you tell me more about the philips good . soso. or bad. if you can get a set in test to lg or samsung how is it..cos lg and samsung don built-in amblight..only philips..tks..

  16. Hi Vincent! I have a problem. I hope you can help for me. I have Playstation 5. I use with Marantz SR7013 with audioquest carbon hdmi cables and premium Samsung 4K tv. Screen started flickering randomly, top of that i use decent hdr settings. (With PS4 Pro never had flickering) I also tested some hdr settings: YUV422/420, HDCP OFF, YUV422/420, HDCP 1.4 ON, YUV422/420, HDCP 1.4 OFF. I tried with another Playstation 5 too, screen still flickering. Some times in every 5 min or 20 min or 60 min or no. This problem very annoying. Please help for me.

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