Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV Real-World Test (Review, Different Uses, & Vlog)

Tested out the new Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV and am finally done with the admittedly long video (sorry guys). I go through various scenarios with the QN90A to see how it might fit into a day of use as well as discuss the picture and sound quality, how to navigate …

41 thoughts on “Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV Real-World Test (Review, Different Uses, & Vlog)

  1. Thank you for the review I've been questioning if I should buy this since I need a new t.v. I'm sold lol
    You the best.

  2. Good video and very informative. Two question, the only thing you did not mention was the size and weight of the tv. But no biggie and can always google the result. Thanks for the content. 😊

  3. That's what I dislike about Samsung tvs a tv this should have eARC and 120 Hz on all hdmis and if your hardware can't handle that at least have the courtesy of making people choose which HDMI they want for eARC and 120 Hz using software means. Because lets face it we all have those tvs very close to the wall.

  4. nice nice improvement to the home office, any recommendation to watch? btw yes, do the decodr video about the qled, as always, liked sir.

    what about the baseball cap?

  5. Great review… with the multimedia apps did you notice if there was any Synology apps on Tizen ? i use DS Video to stream videos and music on my LG.. just wondering !

  6. Points from vid ….
    1 – my daughter says get a different hat….2 – 53 bmp for a heart rate , are you a lizard….3 – it might be good to try to capture screen views compared with other TV, like you do for camera comparisons…

  7. I can only say you did a darn good job on this, because I believe you covered everything you could technically. I had to look up the pricing, and options obviously. Not ready for this at the current time, but it looks like a great TV. I'm subscribed now anyway to your channel, so let's see what you review next.

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