Samsung Mocks Apple in its Latest Ads…

Clip from Lew Later (Apple Users Complain About a Brand New …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Mocks Apple in its Latest Ads…

  1. Samsung needs to stop mocking Apple, everytime they've tried this it's always backfired on their own customers. As someone who recently bought one of their phones, they've got a long way to go before they have any right to mock Apple.

  2. The same side of the moon always faces us…and, what I find really suspect about it, is that the moon has phases and eclipses, but the sun doesn't…this makes no sense…obviously the earth is shaped like a gorilla

  3. Okay Samsung, all your ads are showing us your camera capabilities… any other features your phone is offering? NO?!? I thought so…🙄🙄 Instead of mocking Apple what about appreciating them for the competition and also for being one of your most valuable OLED display and memory chip customers?

  4. Samsung makes fun of Apple. Then, Samsung copies Apple. Apple doesn't need to make fun of Samsung. Apple leads, and is unlikely to lower to Samsung's level.

  5. Why is Vin so salty😂 Samsung doesn't need you to like their device to sell more. Just appreciate an amazing tech simple, no one's asking you to switch device. Lol

  6. I was thinking the same thing like how many pics of the moon are you going to take and what use is it??? If you need to zoom in that much then on what or on who? Why would you be so far from what you want to capture? Are these cameras for spying or stalking?

  7. Can't believe Samsung is still doing such silly stuff. Shouldn't they be more concerned about Huawei and Xiaomi taking their market share. Most iPhone users want iPhone and only iPhone, what is the point of trying to go after Apple users.

    You would think Samsung would go after other Android users, that is where they are losing ground to. I am so glad I left them and their silly tactics. I am rocking a much cheaper and stable Asus instead.

  8. I have S21 Ultra i took a photo of the moon its pretty cool
    ive not done it since though lol..
    ive not took photos of close ups of cheese sandwiches though
    how many more times will competitors continue to post there content with iPhones lol..ud think they'd learn after the first, second, third, forth time..

  9. Honestly I purchased a s21 ultra and I constantly take photos of the moon. I'm amazed by the zoom Feature 😅. I managed to get footage and pictures of the eclipse last night

  10. These are all cheap shots. Next thing you know they’ll go back on their own shots and delete all their tweets and adverts. Like they did with the notch and the no inclusion of the charging brick

  11. Samsung releasing these stupid ads, and here I being an S21 Ultra user have been facing app crash issues, Overheating while playing games, Camera stuttering while shooting Slo-Motion, phone shutting off and restarting, Samsung India hasn't responded to my queries. What credibility do they end up holding if this is how they treat customers, and not even bother to reply to customers facing real issues for a phone that costs $1500. Will never buy a premium Samsung ever again after this experience.

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