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Samsung made a smart-dresser?!? | Last Week In Tech Episode 19


Apollo: I got a new camera, yay! Apollo: Samsung, the technology company, unveiled some new products on Wednesday of last week during this year’s IFA event (vid’s coming next week), including the fixed Galaxy Fold (which we’ll talk about later) and, what everyone asked for, a smart wardrobe Apollo: Yep, you heard me right

A smart closet Smart… thesauruscom, I need another closet synonym! Apollo: Samsung does sell appliances, but this is a pretty interesting item, or as interesting as a smart vault can be, thesauruscom, that doesn’t fit! Apollo: It has a touch screen in front of it (for some reason), and technology on the inside designed to steam and remove dirt from the clothes put inside it Apollo: It’s a bit of a cool concept, goodbye washing machines, lost socks in the dryer, and mom talking to my aunt while ironing, but this product is most likely going to be very expensive since a closet that removes the need for a washing machine and drier requires money to be built, but my question is, why is there a touch screen on it? Apollo: Heck, their refrigerators have touch screens too, is this a trend? Are we going to get ovens by Samsung with touchscreens? Who needs to watch Stranger Things while putting clothes in the closet? Apollo: Well, the closet is most likely going to be in your room, so I guess it could replace a TV in there, but I’d rather watch Netflix and subscribe to TechnoRants on my phone

Apollo: Next topic!!! Apollo: The infamous Galaxy Fold, the flawed foldable that broke because of hinge and plastic screen issues Apollo: Welp, Samsung went back to the drawing board, I mean Galaxy Tab, and redesigned it, and it works now!!! Apollo: The extra part of the screen that could be peeled off of the Galaxy Fold test units now is un-peelable since it was enlarged, now extending to the bezels Apollo: Also, the hinge that had gaps in it before that debris could come in from is fixed now, with the hinge extending further than before Apollo: Overall, I think they fixed the main issues, and while the tablet doesn’t really look good in my opinion, it can serve as the groundwork for better performing (and looking) folding phones and tablets Apollo: Moving on, Facebook dipped its toes into yet another business, dating

Apollo: Facebook Dating will allow 18+ users to create a Facebook Dating profile (it is a separate account) that takes the age and name of your normal account Apollo: It finds matches via a couple of factors (including location) and you can choose to match with people attending a specific event or in the same Facebook group as you Apollo: The only people it won’t match you with are your friends, which makes sense, but that can be turned off in the settings for some reason Apollo: This feature isn’t new, other places got it before, but I’m talking about it because it launched in the US last week Apollo: Next topic!! Apollo: Some Microsoft interns and employees spent their free time making a musical

You heard me right, *camera zooms into face* a MUSICAL! Apollo: It took 150 of them and a full summer, but it was accomplished, and on September 6th, 2019, they finally uploaded Apollo: In the musical, they talk about some of Microsoft’s products and failures, and I’m amazed how they could pull this off in such little time It gets pretty cringy at times, but it’s pretty good, and I’ll link it in the i-card *vid pops up in i-card* for you to watch after this video Apollo: Moving on, again, can you not find a good show or movie to watch and don’t want to binge my content (I’m only a bit hurt)? Ask Google Apollo: Google Search can now recommend stuff to watch

They take their search data about you (which they probably have a bunch of) and give some suggestions Apollo: My only flaw with it is the platforms it is available on You can only use this on mobile Apollo: I know more and more people are watching content on their phone, 695% of my views (haha, funny number) comes from mobile phones, but it’s still nice to have it on computers for the convenience and times you don’t want to grab your phone to look at binging suggestions

Apollo: It’s the Last Week In Tech Halftime show, except this counts as the 6th topic, and we are only doing 10 topics (including this one) during this video Apollo: Again, I made a vote last episode on what you want in the middle of the video, and none of you answered, PLEASE ANSWER THE POLL IN THIS VID’s I-CARD OR I WILL CHOOSE AN OPTION MYSELF Apollo: Anyways, speaking of Google, Google Assistant is getting a new feature, ambient mode This will allow some Android tablets and phones to be used as smart displays when they are put into a dock, showing stuff like your calendar, weather, and more Apollo: This seems like a great feature, but I’m wondering, why can’t it be on a lot more Android devices? It will only be supported on some Nokia phones and Lenovo tablets

Not even a single Pixel device, Google, this doesn’t make any sense to me Apollo: Whatever, stop the rant, next topic! Apollo: Hey Apple Sheeple, do you like Apple Music? Do you want to use it on your computer and don’t have a Mac? Well, you can by heading over to betamusicapplecom

Apollo: To you Xbox gamers, did you try playing Xbox on Friday and had issues with Xbox Live? The service went down, that’s why Apollo: This sucks for the people playing Gears 5’s early access, which launched the day before, but yeah, it got resolved, the end Apollo: I’m counting the Last Week In Tech vote as topic 6, so this is the last one Apollo: The company Hermes accidentally put bands on their site for a new Apple Watch (which just got released at the time I am writing this), which looked a lot like the series 4 design Apollo: People thought that Apple wouldn’t launch a new watch this year

They did The end Apollo: If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button, maybe subscribe, but that’s all I have for today and don’t forget to keep on ranting

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