Samsung Made a Hot Virtual Assistant…

Leave it to one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world to create a piece of untouched advertising that may give it the advantage over it’s competitors in the most unintended of ways. Thanks for watching!
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60 thoughts on “Samsung Made a Hot Virtual Assistant…

  1. If Samsung don’t use her in their phones they just handed a W to apple and take the biggest L in their lives to the point where they couldn’t ever come back from it even if they cured cancer they’d have to be literal retards to not use her

  2. We finally found the solution to all world problems: Waifus

    Have a problem? Turn it into a waifu and people would take notice.

    Hell, just look at Earth chan. God do that feels so long ago

  3. Samsung CEO: “We’re losing money and attention! What can we do to change this?! Think!”

    Some Samsung Employee:
    ”………Do you know who Belle Delphine is?”

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