Samsung is FINALLY COMING for Apple – Goodbye iPhone!

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Apple iPhone has long retained mastery in a certain category, but it seems that may not last long. Samsung is taking major steps to demolish apple’s …

63 thoughts on “Samsung is FINALLY COMING for Apple – Goodbye iPhone!

  1. A VPN doesn't protect you like they want you to believe . You still have to have an internet connection to use a VPN that in itself can be traced. The only place you really need a VPN is China and North Korea,

  2. Google has more chance of beating apple then Samdung. And that’s not much of a chance anyway. Hahahaha. My s21 ultra took the crown of the biggest garbage after my s20 ultra. 🤣

  3. So if this Exynos chip is going to be so great, then it should be in all their products no matter what country you live in. And sense they will be making their own chips, maybe we should see a price decrease or at least a price freeze.

  4. All I want is twitter for Samsung not twitter for android on my Samsung device. Apple iPhone shows twitter for iPhone not twitter for iOS. It's so annoying.

  5. I'll believe it when I see it… Besides, I don't, nor have ever owned anything iOS or Apple, for that matter… Although I've used Macs both in school and in business, and have found them to be excellent in overall quality, performance, and user experience – anything with an Apple symbol on it always has been too expensive for my budget!

  6. Yawn! You cannot say that Apple has the fastest mobile CPU. The correct term would be "Apple has the fastest CPU in an iPhone". Because you cannot accurately say that the Exynos or SD is faster or slower than the A14 unless you can miraculously find a way to swap the CPU from the iPhone to Android and vice versa. Because each phone runs a different OS, requires different resources from the hardware and software and its just not an accurate or fair test. Seriously, this is getting really old and is completely inaccurate!

  7. Remember that Samsung makes more money off each iPhone than they do off their Galaxy line 😉 While Apple and Samsung were in constant litigation for years that seems to have stopped so they could both focus on common competitors. I think this is great for Samsung but my guess is that it they will work with Apple on it eventually as they both are looking for ways to increase their market share in China and India and can probably do that better together than apart. Long term it could definitely be a boost for my friends in India bringing a lot more power for the cost and indeed boosting Samsung / Android. I just don't see Samsung ever wanting the iPhone to go away since they make so many of the parts for Apple. I missed Lisa's Keynote last week so I didn't see this until your video this morning, definitely good information to be thinking about!

  8. Don't forget to mention how apple has a huge lead in messaging platform and social media experience. I own both the S21 Ultra and IPhone 12 pro max, and social media experience is far greater on IPhone. Photos and videos don't lose their quality when uploading to the social media platforms. And media sharing with others is poor. If sharing with other galaxy users, it's fine but like many who have iphones, media is very compressed and looks horrible. Where as whoever has an iphone and shares their media to another IPhone or Android user, media quality is at its highest, no compression.

  9. There’s got to be more to this. So they’re going to improve Exynos to near/above Apple’s level, maybe, but leave Snapdragon as inferior? Or will they start using Exynos in ALL their phones?

  10. All right, thats sounds fine, but still lacks in optimizations for camera, battery life from galaxy S series, my s21 isnt in a level of a iphone, i hope they fix this type of problem too

  11. I know samsung makes chips, Exynos and even some older Apple chips, but I absolutely don't think they have any chance of even getting close to a Bionic chip if the Exynos is anything to look up to.
    Right now, those chips need significantly higher clock speeds than the Qualcomm 800 series and still cant even match the snapdragon ones while running hotter than the later and eventually throtle down and perform even worse
    Don't even start me with Power efficiency

  12. Hmmm, I want to clarify something. Apple's chips work much better and much more efficient than Android's because they have complete control over both the hardware and software. In Android, manufacturers have neither. Except for Samsung, which does in fact have a high level of control over the hardware since they are the only Android company that actually produces chips, screens and etc. Even Apple maps the stuff and uses Samsung for manufacturing.
    In the end, the only way for Android to become more like iOS in terms of fluidity is to be rebuilt as a new system from the ground up and be optimized for only a few select devices per year. But at that point, it'll be like having 2 copies of Apple with different logos. So, the best we can do here in the Android world is to get the best CPU available and the highest Ram with the highest speed and hope the system will have mercy on us. whereas Apple gets to write the system the exact way it sees fit for its own hardware. So really, it's pretty darn impressive what Android has achieved so far. Especially from both Samsung and OnePlus. Hands down the most fluid experience you can get in Android is only available from those two.

  13. This guy is such a hack. Last week he came out with a video that said goodbye Samsung because of their smaller batteries in the upcoming phones and because they are no longer making the note 21. Now is pro Samsung. This guy changes his mind like I changed my socks.

  14. People keep saying Apple chip on phone is the most powerful Im any phone. But when speedtest and daily usage are reviewed, Samsung is faster. So why the #iPhone… The most powerful chip on a smartphone? Does anyone care abt any fone that has the whole power and the ones with lesser so to speak is opening app faster? Our fones should open apps as snappy as possible and if any fone does that, that's the most powerful fone for me. I don't care abt benchmarks.

  15. Which anyone in the USA gets the Snapdragon phones, so….gonna be interesting to see if the Exynos surpasses Snapdragon, let alone Apple’s SoC products.
    Interesting interesting, and here I swore that the Note 20 ultra was gonna be my last Samsung phone, maybe not now 🤷🏼‍♂️, guess we’ll all have to wait and see

  16. I dont mind the performance of the current generation of exynos. The biggest problem for me is efficiency in mundane tasks. In this regard , abdroid chipsets hasnt moved forward.

  17. So Samsung is gonna use an Amd chip that’s going to strain battery and optimization to an even higher level than the current chips and software.. got it.

  18. I'm not going to hold my breath that Exynos-AMD partnership is going to deliver a better Exynos chip. I think the partnership will likely be more strategic. AMD is competing with Intel as well for cheaper high performing chips as well. But that will likely mean also a lot of rewriting code (…. again, sigh) which will mean yet the n'th time bug fixing software optimizations. AMd is also aiming for lower price, so one has to ask where it will cut corners. Exynos also wants to compete with snapdragon, so they will still have to cut corners somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised much will change with Exynos performance and efficiency at first with Exynos. But for me I don't really care much about processor competition between Samsung and Apple phones. Rather I think software performance, customization (personalization) and fully baked Ness will become more relevant for most in the long run. The current midrange phones are currently already more powerful than high end phones a couple of years ago and realistically affordable, compared to the current unaffordably expensive high end phones. I would much rather see advancements of UI shell (launcher) than the battle of the high end chips. It is necessary, but I think this race has become stale. I think launchers with more dynamic launchers will be the future. I think you can do it with current phones already, it is only the question how to do it smartly. I think this would be exciting times if more resources were put into this, today.

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