Samsung Innovation Museum(S/I/M): The history of Samsung Electronics – Episode 1 (English Dub)

Through challenges and innovation, Samsung Electronics became a global company loved by people around the world.

How did Samsung Electronics get started?

Learn about Samsung Electronics’ products, …
The Egyptian civilization was the gift of the Nile.that flooded every year..The Egyptians’ successful the enormous challenge of flood.gave birth to civilization..A Study of History’ by Arnold J. Toynbee.described the history of the process of facing and responding to challenges..Samsung Electronics’ history is also the process of facing and responding to challenges..In Samsung Innovation Museum’s History Hall,.we will look at the Innovation.that Samsung Electronics.accomplished to grow as a global company..Let’s see the challenges and innovations.hidden behind various products..In a time when South Korea was at the beginning of economic development,.Samsung Electronics took a historic first step.with the hope to become a global electronics company..Let’s look at the products that Samsung Electronics.released for the first time in the 1970s..This is Samsung Electronics’ first black-and-white CRT TV.developed with its technology..After the establishment of Samsung Electronics,.they began to focus on developing TVs..In 1972, they were able to develop their model of CRT TV..’The First’ and ‘The Best’ products were released one after another,.making Samsung Electronics the top company in the domestic electronics industry..Until the 1970s,.it took a while for the picture to appear.even after the TV was turned on..This preheating time consumed a lot of electricity too..The Econo TV resolved this issue..With an instant image-receiving feature,.the TV showed the picture instantly without preheating..As the name suggests,.the Econo TV greatly reduced power consumption..The dream TV..TVs became a must-have item in our lives.with the release of the Econo TV..The refrigerator, which keeps foods fresh, is an essential home appliance..This is Samsung Electronics’ first refrigerator released in 1974..The product is also known as.the first frost-free indirect cooling refrigerator in South Korea..Previous refrigerators in South Korea used direct cooling.which created frosts due to the temperature difference..Samsung Electronics developed an indirect cooling refrigerator.that solved this problem,.raising the standard of domestic refrigeration technology to a higher level..The first washing machine that Samsung Electronics released had two tubs,.hence it was called ‘Twin Tub’..When the washing was finished in the left tub,.the laundry had to be moved to the right tub for spin-drying..Although doing the laundry still required some work,.the washing machine was the most-loved home appliance among housewives.because they did not have to do laundry by hand..Today’s washing machines with artificial intelligence (AI) features.that customize the laundry process.are bringing a whole new concept to the washing machine industry..This is Samsung Electronics’ first air conditioner released in 1974..As you can see,.it is an all-in-one product without a separate indoor and outdoor unit..The air conditioner was installed on the windowsill,.the front part facing indoors and the rear part facing outdoors..Although the rear part on the windowsill caused noise and vibration,.getting cool air during the hot summer was a priority..Nowadays, the air conditioner is a necessity in every household..With a modern wind-free air conditioner,.Samsung Electronics’ innovation continues to this very day..Microwave ovens cook food quickly and safely without fire..Samsung Electronics developed South Korea’s first microwave oven..The microwave oven’s cooking time was.7 times faster than charcoals and 3 times faster than gas..In terms of energy cost,.a microwave oven used 1/3 of the charcoal.and 1/5 of the gas consumed..By significantly reducing cooking time and energy cost,.microwave ovens gained popularity as an innovative home appliance..An export model was later developed.and it paved the way into the overseas market..In 1981, Samsung Electronics successfully entered the U.S. market..As Samsung Electronics’ microwave oven gained.tremendous popularity in the U.S. market,.there was a rumor that.the department stores were crowded.with people trying to buy Samsung Electronics’ microwave ovens..Among all home appliances,.VCRs were the most technologically complex device in the 1970s..The VCR had about 3,000 components,.5 times more than the TV..Many of these components had to be handled with great precision,.so the latest technologies were required to develop VCRs..After Samsung Electronics developing its own VCR model in 1979,.they were able to compete companies that were leading the VCR industry at the time..Samsung Electronics reached the top in the South Korean taking bold challenges and.introducing ‘the first’ titled products..In the 1980s,.Samsung Electronics transformed into a global expanding its business into the semiconductor and telecommunications industries..A letter from a customer was delivered to Samsung Electronics..Samsung Electronics reflected this opinion.and incorporated it into the refrigerator..It was South Korea’s first multi-purpose refrigerator.which could switch a freezer into a fridge.depending on one’s needs..When you look at it,.it still shines with its originality..Compared to the previous model,.it has gained great popularity.because it can save about 30% of power consumption..If you spent your youth in the 1980s,.you might remember this advertisement..This is South Korea’s first small stereo cassette player,.’mymy’ that was popular at the time..It was a palm-sized cassette player.that weighed only 400g..It played both sides of the cassette tape.without having to manually flip it over..Using two headphone jacks,.two people were able to listen to music together..At the time, many students picked ‘mymy’.as the most-wished gift for their graduation or the first day of school..In the memory semiconductor business,.Samsung Electronics mainly focused on DRAMs.which were in high demand globally..Although the price competition with the leading companies was intense,.the mass production of the semiconductor.played an advantage for Samsung Electronics..On December 1st of 1983,.Samsung Electronics officially announced the development of the 64K DRAM..This astonished not only South Korea but also the world..In addition,.the construction of the production line was completed in just 6 months.while it took at least 18 months.for the most technologically advanced countries to complete..The 64K DRAM reached a the history of the semiconductor..It was designated as a ‘National Registered Cultural Heritage’ in August 2013..The history of Samsung Electronics’ computer begins with the ‘PersCom’..At the time,.it was distributed to schools for educational purposes..As you can see,.the household TV was used as the monitor instead..This is the first 286 AT-compatible laptop PC in South Korea..which is known as the ancestor of today’s laptop computers..In 1984, Samsung Electronics was the fourth country to begin.the production of the optical fiber,.optical fiber cable, and optical transmitter,.allowing internet access regardless of place..From its establishment to the 1980s,.Samsung Electronics has grown into the top electronics company in South Korea,.producing a wide scope of products.such as TVs, home appliances, computers, and semiconductors..In the next video,.you will witness Samsung Electronics’ path leading up to be a global company..

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