Samsung Indonesia: Short Film “KONFABULASI” | Filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Pemberitahuan: Tayangan ini mengandung adegan kekerasan yang dapat mengganggu kenyamanan penonton. …

One hour from now… there will be a huge explosion that will kill 150 people. The culprit is right behind that door. Your job is to stop them. 150 people will die. Shoot, now. You have to do it now. One… two… three.

Search for the memory again. Hello. Not yet, sir. I still need more time. All right. You always come back here. My childhood home. There’s me and my mother there. Thank you. She seems to love you very much.

She’s all I had, and vice versa. Here you go, sir. Is there anything else? How many times have you been here? A thousand times. All this memory helps your whole being. Mom. Bilal. Thank you. Could you do me another favor? Please give this to the old lady over there.

Mom, why do you do this? Why do you always give some food to the old lady? Because only good deeds will save our lives. Be careful there. You always come back here. So many times to make this memory even stronger.

Then you wrap it with emotions, and take it in as a consciousness through association. He uses these episodic memories to protect himself. Since it refers to specific moments and keeps repeating, it becomes part of his consciousness and eventually his long-term memory.

And at the end… these memories are the ones that protect him. We won’t succeed. Those memories will always hinder him from passing this process. Improvisation. We need to improvise. So, this episodic memory… forms his pity and love.

We need to find a way to steal it and turns it into a different form, so that we can change his perception. Destroy his humanity? No. That’s a violation to the protocol. This program is specifically built for agents like Bilal so that they can react fast to protect the lives around them.

Exactly! The problem is these memories that shaped him get in his way to react fast. We need to reconstruct his perception and convince Bilal that all his memories that protect his humanity are false.

How? By manipulating the event that is lost from his memories. And then we push it deeper as a repressed memory. Confabulation? Bilal is one of our best agents. We need him to get through this program.

Bilal had an accident once. His injury created a space between the events that we could use to steal his memory. There’s at least one-hour memory loss before the accident. That’s it. At least the memories that hinder him are not more precious than what an agent could bring.

But we’re not just stealing his memory of his mother, we’re stealing his life. Take me to the event before the memory loss. Quickly, now! Let’s go home. Aren’t you… Aren’t you tired of asking about your dad? Let’s talk about it some other time.

I’m exhausted. Get in. This is the day of her death. Why aren’t we there? Mom! mom! mom! mom! Help! If she truly loved you, you would get there. I don’t remember anything. I try to get there, but there’s always something missing.

Your memory… is not real. You make up for yourself what you vaguely remember from that night. I can help you. I can help you get there and find your true memory. Fight. You had a fight. You were always fighting.

This memory is a false one. If I give you, will you do it again? Take it. Go! You’re making me work overtime. This memory lies deep within your memory structure. What took you so long! Hey! Come here.

Let’s go! I’m tired. Don’t ask about your dad. This is the real you and your mother. All my friends have dads, but why don’t I? Why? I told you, stop asking! You said he’d come home. I never said he would.

I don’t even remember that you had a father. You’re cruel. Heartless. – Hey! – You have no feelings! Why, you… You should never have been born! Mom! Mom! Your mother didn’t love you. Mom! Mom! – Mom! – She even tried to kill you.

Help! Mom! What? Want me to kick you again? Humans tend to conceal painful memories with constructions that are far more tolerable. Bilal! Bilal! Bilal! Bilal! Bilal! Bilal! I told you to work, but you got into a fight instead.

Come. Move it. That’s your real life. All this time you create your own memories of your mother as though she was a good person. Final stage. Agent Bilal. Trial no. 263. One hour from now… there will be a huge explosion that will kill 150 people.

The culprit is right behind that door. Your job is to stop them. One… two… three. Hello? Sir, Agent Bilal is ready. Yes, sir.

63 thoughts on “Samsung Indonesia: Short Film “KONFABULASI” | Filmed #withGalaxy S21 Ultra 5G

  1. Iklan jaman sekarang makin kreatif!! Ttg filmnya, sudah diwakilkan komen2 netizen yg lain
    Ttg HP nya, ini keren parah, buat shoot film se cinematic ini😭👍 editornya, videographer nya, jos bgt lah😭 *standing ovation

  2. Semoga dibuat versi panjang untuk layar lebar. Walau agak mengingatkan pada Inception, tapi tema seperti ini terbilang baru untuk sinema Indonesia dan menyegarkan ketimbang komedi, horror gak jelas, romansa maksa dan film-film reborn yang sekedar mencomot nama. Putri Ayudya bintang di film ini.

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  4. Epic, saking terlalu terpesona sama nih short movie, sampai lupa kalau durasinya sekitar 17 menitan, pas habis kyk rasa sayang banget. Semua pihak yg bersangkutan dalam karya ini layak dan pantas diapresiasi. Proud of you

  5. Intinya eksperimen yg nyoba2 manipulasi manusia dgn dicekoki memori jelek, treatment jelek.
    Demi penelitian ngorbanin org.

    Bikin aja hasil yg membingungkan.
    Pasti lbh menarik 😎

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