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    Samsung IMPACTA mostrando su smartphone plegable | El Recuento


    Today in "El recuento": Apple forgives Facebook and Google restoring their licenses Furthermore, Huawei releases its official invitation for the Mobile World Congress

    Samsung introduces its foldable phone in an ad Then they deleted it We'll talk about an LG Executive's comments against foldables And to finish: Apple provides a release saying sorry for its Face Time bug Let's start

    Hello! Thanks for coming to another video of this channel We're starting a new month, February, so welcome it as Facebook does And talking about Facebook, what do you think if we analyze the results from the last video? I asked you: Would you receive a payment in exchange of being spied? And they be observing all that you do! The majority say NO, but a big percentage, amazingly say YES In brief, each one does with its data what they want! Let's go to this first news which has a lot to do with this survey since yesterday, I told you about what happened with Apple, Facebook and Google The last two mentioned companies were in a conflict for using in an improper way their licenses to install apps outside AppStore in common users and not only with their employees

    Apple decided to remove their licenses That caused employees couldn't test the new apps in development neither similar tests All the iOS development stopped in these companies for a time But they finally reached an agreement We don't know what type of agreement, Either an agreement for money or a type of punishment or what really happened

    But what we know is that Apple brought back their licenses And this, of course, causes some troubles with smaller companies since they affirm that Apple gives a preferential treatment to this big companies because of their big magnitude Let's go to the next news: We'll talk about the foldable phones flexibles, rolled ups, whatever name you want to call them! Well, rolled ups not, I got too excited Huawei has released its invitation to the Mobile World Congress where they'll, we don't know if showing or officially introducing to the public a foldable phone

    The phones that can fold This is very evident: looking at the invitation you realize is all about this type of devices The only text is: "Connecting to the future" The event will take place in Barcelona The specific day is the 24th of February of 2019

    At 2:00 o'clock, Europe time So, at that time, we'll meet what is the exact Huawei's prototype for this of foldable phones Because, if you notice, in the invitation you can clearly see, in the external part, we could say that the screen is turned on So it seems not to be similar to Samsung's prototype, in their previous event, where the foldable screen is inside the device And outside, we have another screen

    So, each manufacturer is creating its own prototypes, its own designs, and proposals to sell you the idea you need a foldable phone By the moment, we don't know if these devices will already be sold or they're only to say: "I already have my foldable phone" Let's go to the next news: We continue talking about the foldable phones In this case, as yesterday, this is an auto-leak or an official leak What is happening in the world? If you didn't watch yesterday's video, I remind you: in this channel we don't know about leaks from the internet unless they've been published by an official account or an official account of an Executive of that company

    In this case, the Samsung Vietnam account in YouTube published an ad where you can see many technologies: some of them existing and some futuristic In brief, is like a combination of them And that makes we aren't completely sure that the shown smartphone is the same one that Samsung will introduce soon Of course, it looks very attractive what they have achieved with that smartphone if it wee real But we repeat: we don't know it if was about it or not

    Because in some other parts of the video appears a robot tattooing a person, or appear 5G reds already in use So that makes we got some doubts and we can't guarantee if that phone was something finished or something for the future Remember that Samsung's event will take place the 20th of February Then, Xiaomi has another event the 23rd of February And finally, Huawei the 24th

    So, it seems, it's very possible that Samsung has the possibility to be the first one introducing a foldable smartphone already finished, well made, omitting the Flex Pie which is not from a very popular company It neither was a well-made phone So, let's wait and see the different proposals that each company give us to see which ones like us or which make us think: "I need one of them" I need one of them The one who thinks no to need one of them and assures that none want them is an LG Executive

    Specifically, his name's Geng Hong who brought an interview to Xataka which is a company very important in technology, in the CES However, until this moment, the interview is published where apart from many other questions, they asked him if LG will manufacture a foldable phone He answered with an emphatic "no" Specifically, he said: "Why would we do that? Who wants it? I don't know I don't know none who has asked us for that

    The only people talking about that are the press They won't buy it but get it for free We don't believe there isn't market for them It would be a very big device If we manufacture it, like the OLED-R case, it would be only to show people the capabilities of that technology

    Would it be a flagship? I don't think so! None is asking for it, I don't understand I don't get why a big obsession for foldable phones" As a brief note: The OLED-R is LG's foldable TV and it unfolds So that you can know what is this sir talking about He also said: "When I talk to people like family and friends it's like, No, I don't think I need it

    They're happy with the current design of their phones They don't think they need a phone which folds like tablet They don't want a tablet in their phones" That concerning his family and friends But you'll participate in the survey

    So tell me if you would like or not a smartphone that transforms in a tablet No matter the different designs the manufacturers release I guess all agree that the main point of this is to achieve a compact smartphone which when unfolding converts in a tablet Then, they asked him his opinion about a foldable tablet, like their foldable TV How that idea sounds for him

    He answered that it isn't a premium market which will not develop In other words, there isn't people who would buy it So it wouldn't make any sense It would be a very expensive device In the case of TVs, he said that there is people building their home theaters the most premium possible

    So, in that market they really see a promising future But in the case of a foldable tablet, It is an amazing technology, but that only a few people would buy Let's go to the last news: Now, Apple has finally gave a release after the Face Time bug It allowed some people to listen to the mic of other people even though they didn't took the call Even, as I told you in previous videos, They could see the frontal camera of other people if they touched the turn on/off button

    So, after Apple deactivated its servers to prevent that this service worked with that bug, they have provided a released apologizing for the problem They said: "We have fixed the Face Time bug in groups in the Apple's services, we will publish a system update the next week which will reactivate the tool We thank the Thompson family for reporting the problem We sincerely apologize to our customers and consumers who were affected, and to all people worried about this security problem We appreciate your patience while we complete the process

    We want our users to be secured immediately after our engineer team knows the necessary details to fix the bug They deactivated the Face Time tool in groups and started working in a solution We are compromised in improving the process, the one we received and escalated these reports so that they get to the corresponding people in the less time possible We take our products security extremely seriously and we do all that is possible to continue getting the Apple users' confidence So, I think that being faithful to what they say, they always reply very fast and the advantage of the devices from Apple is that they are updated very fast No need to go through carrier companies and all the process Android phones need to finally get an update

    So, then they have some advantage after this small bug the iPhone users But, well, for the moment this is it I hope you've liked this video If you liked, you can indicate it See you next time!

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