Samsung Girl is breaking the INTERNET

Samsung Girl aka Sam Assistant is breaking the internet. Sam could replace bixby, Huawei P50 Pro official, Harmony OS, Samsung NEW 50MP lens possibly for Pixel 6 Pro & More news!

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62 thoughts on “Samsung Girl is breaking the INTERNET

  1. I'm pretty excited about this new virtual assistant since I own an S21 Ultra, and if it's official and Samsung really decides to use this tech then I would want to say "Hey Sam, can you wear a Bikini". If Samsung really has outfits like that, then you know it… 😁😆😝😝.

  2. Sam would most likely be a new look for their assistant on their website and not a Bixby replacement. But it’ll be Interesting if she did replace bixby

  3. Bro, wtf, you understand she ain't real right? Yiur speaking on her like she's a living breathing woman, and how beautiful she is and all that. Your one of those dudes who Jacks off to anime aren't you? Did you think samsung would create a digital assistant thats modeled after some old sloppy overweight person or what?

  4. Screw this, I want the new hot FKC guy who's all CGI.
    He's like an actual handsome man that looks real.
    People who are into cgi that looks like a cartoon are wack. You think you live in a Disney movie now?
    Give me a real looking hot guy or hot girl, I don't want some fake Korean Disney knockoff girl on my phone. The new KFC spokesman is more technologically advanced does it looks just like a real person and that's perfect shading and everything. I'd take him on my phone any day.

  5. Why is everyone surprised? People are horny.
    And I mean super fucking horny. There is always going to be the next random thing people latch onto. Like how Bowsette was such a big thing a few years ago.

  6. me & da bois rushing to replace our iphones with samsungs this strategy can skyrocket Samsung sales globally that is until apple turns siri into a hot babe.

  7. This is the epitome of 'Lipstick on a Pig'

    Bixby sucks. Rebranding it with a pretty 3D avatar will not make it more useful.

    The number of times it accidentally gets triggered on my Galaxy Note 9 is infuriating.

  8. Of course she is white and aiming for the heteronormative standards, very modern Samsung '-_- . After years of Android, I am now definitely getting the next iPhone.

  9. i m wating for a virtual assistant for so long who can do all of my works, bixby can only tel weather and make calls, same is in Siri case

  10. Why do we need anything else, other than Google Assistant. Wish Samsung just allowed better integration and optimization for Google Assistant.

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