Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – YES, FINALLY!

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63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – YES, FINALLY!

  1. just mark those sponsors so youtube Vanced can recognize them and skip it for us. we are good and you are good for doing your part and we are all happy

  2. Now I'm really confused. Samsung is pushing the note 21 to next year because of the scarcity of chips but are almost tripling the fold manufacturing. Aren't these the chips that could have been used for the note. I don't get how you deprioritize a big market product for a new & costlier product. Could easily have done 3.5million each tbh (note & folds). I'm sure as hell gonna wait for the note next year. The fold is still relatively new. I don't trust the form factor enough yet.

  3. But the price… I will not buy a fold, they took away the note and that is such a silly move. These foldables wont sell as much. I think they will fade out just like tablets. They look good but that's it, People wont always use the big screen and it's so fragile. Why can't they just concentrate on makin phones stronger and longer batteries.

  4. Really love to try these folding phones, but until the price ain't drop, it's still a NO for me. 2,000 USD ain't cheap just to try something 😅

  5. …For a "Grunt" such as myself that uses a single phone that is by my side all the time, power, and product durability (and a good case and cover glass) are absolute plusses with me… I'm not ready to trust a foldable in my pocket, especially when walking or riding my e-scooter somewhere… That, and the foldable unit's high price… It took years to get the reliable "slab" where it is today… I think I'll hold off on the foldables, for at least a few more years…

  6. Hoooooooollllll up, did u just say there will be no noticeable crease..
    My friend if that screen can bend, I guarantee u there will be visible crease. There isn’t a way of eliminating crease on something that folds or bends unless heat is applied.

  7. Hey Sal congrats on your first sponsor 🥳🎉
    Only one wish: could you please make the sponsored message at the end of the video even though it pays less? it really interrupts the flow of the video when it's in the middle.

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