SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – Unbelievable!

The Samsung galaxy z fold 3 is coming with some unbelievable specs! #GalaxyZFold3 #ZFold3 #SamsungFold3

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The Samsung galaxy z fold 3 is the upcoming flagship phone from samsung and its set to be …
the samsung galaxy z fold 3 is looking incredibleand i’ll be sharing the details right after this.if you’re new here and want to stay up todate with the latest tech please hit subscribe.followed by the bell you can also keep up onfacebook instagram and twitter by clicking.the links in the description so today we’ve gotplenty to share about the samsung galaxy z fold 3.including confirmation of specs and design aswell as an earlier release than we expected.before we get started though please like thevideo if you’re a fan of samsung let me know in.the comments what country you’re actually watchingtoday’s video from so the first story of the about the release date of the z fold 3. whilewe were expecting a september or october launch.the z fold 3 may actually be coming sooner a newreport from yonhap news claims that samsung is.going to be launching the z fold 3 along with theflip and the s21 fe that the galaxy unpacked going to be august 19th now bringing it forwardit does make a lot of sense the s21 was launched.earlier and we know that at least for this yearthere’s not going to be a note because there.isn’t going to be a note the fold can be seen as areplacement at least for this year and it can now.launch in august and not cause samsung to competewith themselves now next up we’ve got a leak on.the charging speeds of the z fold 3 thanks todigital chat station he published a weibo which shows the fast charge speed ofthe galaxy z fold 3 is going to be 25 watts well.this is fine for fast charging i think many aregonna be disappointed is there’s no improvement.over the predecessor and for what is one ofthe most expensive smartphones on the’s a long way behind the fast charging of itscompetitors now next up we do however have lots.of good news about the z fold 3 and it’s lookinglike an incredible device for those concerned with.colour choices ross young has backed up a previousclaim to four colours and he’s saying we get green and silver and ross young tends to notleak too much information but when he does it’s.normally accurate now when it comes to specs thereare some huge improvements over the predecessor.and it appears a lot of the rumors were actuallytrue for a start we had the leaked promo video.last week which gave us a lot of information butfollowing that many twitter and youtube accounts.were suspended by samsung for sharing this videowell the promo video looked very convincing at.the time this pretty much confirms that it islegitimate the promo video advises of 120 hertz.inside and out and this was also tweeted by bengeskin smartphone users all seem to desire a high.refresh rate screen so to have 120 hertz on theinside and the outside display of the fold 3 is.going to be incredible well we have been toldmany times that the ultra thin glass was being.made thicker to support the s pen we now have somany confirmations that it has to be universe and other leakers have said in thepast that it will be happening we now have the s.pen used on the inner display in the promo videoso incredible that we can finally use the s pen.on the main display but the only downside is thatdespite multiple attempts samsung could reportedly.not house the pen inside the z fold 3 but forthose who need it there’s no doubt gonna be an.official case that will hold the s pen as wellas many third-party ones we also had multiple.reports from ice universe and other leakers tosay that the z fold 3 would have an in-display.selfie camera and that also appears to be true themain display is going to be a full screen display.with the camera underneath the panel and the onlything to note however is that the smaller front.display will still have a punch hole camera nowthe biggest shock was the rear camera module which.after multiple pictures from different leakersappears to be much different than we expected but.i wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing the new subtlecamera module looks good and i think personally.that it does suit the z fold 3 better than thebold camera housing we see in the s21 with all of these upgrades as well asbeing at the first fold with an ip rating.i think we’ll definitely get some more growth inthe foldable market and while the fast charging.may be a little disappointing for some i think theother specs will make up for that minor shortfall.of course for those of you that are excited forthe galaxy z fold 3 we’re now going to run through.the full specs design launch date and price tohelp you guys decide if this is the phone for you.for my regular viewers you guys have seen thisso just skip to the next video but if you’re then make sure you hit subscribe and we’llget right into it so when it comes to the samsung.galaxy z fold 3 the main inner display is actuallygoing to be smaller than the predecessor coming 7.5 inches it is of course only 0.1 inchessmaller and it’s going to be an ltpo panel with.120hz refresh rate resolution is currentlyunconfirmed but it’s likely to remain the 2208 by 1768 we saw on the predecessorand it’s going to be the first folding phone the s pen this is thanks to an increasein screen protection with a 60 micrometer ultra.thin glass now the front display is reportedlyremaining the same size as the predecessor and.comes with a 6.2 inch amoled display so if theinner display is reducing in size and this display.remains the same then we’re hoping for slightlytrimmed down bezels when it comes to the cameras.we’re getting a punch or selfie camera on thefront display and an in-display selfie camera.on the main the exact lenses and sensors are notknown at the moment although we do expect be similar to the 10 megapixel wide anglesthat we saw in the predecessor when it comes to.the rear we’re expecting a triple camera setup inthe new subtle camera housing and there are many.reports of minor changes if any so expect a 12megapixel wide a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 12.megapixel ultra wide camera when it comes to ramand storage we’re expecting the z fold 3 to have.16 gigs of ddr5 ram with a choice of 128 256or 512 storage there were rumors of an samsung chipset but it looks like the fold3 is going to be using the snapdragon triple’s all going to be powered by a 4 275 milliamphour battery with 25 watt fast charging and is slightly smaller than last time with the newchip efficiencies smaller display and ltpo panel.then we should still see an improvement in batterylife it will of course ship with one ui 3 based 11 and it’s going to be available in beigeblack green or silver color options when it the pricing nothing has been confirmed just yetwe’re expecting it to launch around two thousand.dollars to two thousand one hundred if we seethe usual price increase so overall the samsung.galaxy z fold 3 is looking like an incrediblephone and it’s great to see more the smartphone industry with plenty of leakedinformation coming through we can be pretty sure.that most of the information is correct butwith launch expected in august then it’s not.long until we get the official confirmationfrom samsung of course as always i’d like to.know your thoughts down in the comments so who outthere is excited for the samsung galaxy z fold 3.and what do you think about a 25 watt fast chargebut thanks for watching the video if you liked it.smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbsdown twice and i’ll see you guys in the next

63 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – Unbelievable!

  1. I'm pretty mad that note21 is not releasing this year, but I'm very tempted to buy both the Watch 4 and ZFold 3. There are something that James Bond would definitely use for gadgets based on their cool tech

  2. I don't like the oval camera that's much. I hope it looks better when it is launched because I am gonna get it anyways. The s pen and the z fold is a dream phone of mine for years now.

  3. As a user of the original fold i can say i love the device but its not an everyday phone for me the OG hinge is far to fragile for my work environment the camera isnt anything special by todays standards but as a media consumption device there is nothing better to watch browse or game on

  4. Can someone plz for the love of god tell me when this is going to come out if not I’m just going to dry buy the 2 because I’ve been commenting this on almost every vid.

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