SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – They Finally Did It!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Fixes the biggest issue with …

63 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – They Finally Did It!

  1. Bla bla bla…..
    I saw many vids past 3 Weeks……
    Who say this Video/Details are real?!
    Now i buy a Galaxy Fold 2 for 799 Euro.
    Thanks for Nothing!

  2. Judging from my recent, long and nasty Fold 2 service experience with Samsung I am not nearing any Samsung products in the future. Selling my Note 10 plus and Samsung laptop and making sure that no Samsung logo remains anywhere around my place. These people are shrewd and beyond me. Who would expect such attitude from Samsung.

  3. The crease is actually a non-issue. I have the Z Fold 2 and sure, if the screen is off and you're looking at it from a weird angle, then yes you can see it a little bit. But once the screen is on the crease becomes very hard to see and when you're looking at it normally with the screen on it becomes damn near invisible. You can feel it if you run your finger across the screen but that's it. A lot of people are making generally negative assumptions about the folding phones based on what they're seeing and what they imagine using them would be like. These assumptions I'm finding are usually wrong. Like how everyone thinks that the crease is a big major annoyance, etc when it's not. Another example is that now that I've had the Fold 2 for a while I understand why Samsung put such a small screen on the first fold. Like everybody else, I thought the cover screen was too small and looked funny, etc. But now that I've used the Fold 2, the cover screen is a bit tall, although I have gotten used to it. Once you're used to it it's not bad. But now I know why Samsung made the cover screen small on the first one. I think they realized that if they made the screen the full height of the phone then it would be weirdly tall and harder to navigate , which is true. The problem is these are things that you only discover once you hold the phone in your hands and you use it.

  4. I've been using iPhone since early 2000 when Steve jobs unveiled the very first iPhone it was the it thing back then and I was hooked , but up until November 2020 I bought the iPhone 12 Pro max and I have to admit I was disappointed as a long term iPhone user I have to admit apple have lost there edge and there products are goin flat and boring 😴 I bought the samsung z fold 2 in mystic bronze back in March and I must say I will never go back to apple products ever again ! Samsung has killed the phone market whit this new foldable design and I must admit I love this phone its a 10 out of 10 for me ♤

  5. iphone is done. finished. toast. that outdated big notch design is unacceptable and no USB c, only retina dispatch no Amoled 60 htz and over priced no thanks

  6. The keyboard is almost unusable, on the outer display. It's simply too narrow. They should taken a page out of Huawei's book and made a more practical aspect ratio, for use. Oh well 🤷🏿‍♂️

  7. Still hesitant to change my note 20 ultra, i'm am a full samsung power user, using Samsung dex daily, camera a lot, s-pen is also a tool I use daily. I need to try one.

  8. Watching from the US. I'm sure buttonless is coming sometime. I hope it also incorporates some sort of texture so you know what you're touching rather than just a touch sensitive surface. Still liking my Fold2 and still considering a Samsung trade-in for the Fold3 (if, of course Samsung offers a trade-in program).

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