SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – Competition Destroyed!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is coming with an incredible feature to destroy the competition! #GalaxyZFold3 #Fold3 #SamsungFold3

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the upcoming flagship phone from samsung and …
the samsung galaxy z fold 3 is coming witha feature we’ve all been waiting to see.but it may not be what you expected! so todaywe’ve got plenty of good news for the upcoming.galaxy z fold 3 with confirmation of specs andfeatures detailing the feature that we’ve all.been waiting to see before we get started thoughplease like the video if you’re a samsung fan.let me know in the comments what countryyou’re watching today’s video from.and don’t forget to hit that subscribe so youdon’t miss a thing so the first story of is about the new chipset from qualcomm and thesuccessor to the snapdragon eight we’ve got news.from Evan Blass that it’s coming under the modelnumber sm 8450 and it’s actually gonna be a four.nanometer system on chip with increased efficiencyand performance as well as better 5g thanks to the.x65 modem now while a few blogs may claim thatit’s going to be present in the galaxy z fold 3.that’s not going to happen given that the fold3 is releasing soon mass production has already.began and many leakers have already told us thatthe galaxy fold 3 is coming with the snapdragon.888 and when it comes to the galaxy z fold 3 wealready know that mass production of components.have begun it’s going to be 0.1 into smaller onthe main display and ice universe advises’s also going to be lighter ross young now tellsus that the z fold 3 is also going to be thicker.than the predecessor and it’s due to the digitizerrequired to support the s pen he also advises that.there’s no polarizer in the fold 3 which means abrighter display and lower power consumption and.this should also mean that the slight reductionin battery capacity is not going to be an ross young has been very reliable with displayleaks so i would regard this information as very.credible next up we’ve got news of the featurewe’ve all been waiting to see and that is of.course the first in-display selfie camera on the zfold 3. ice universe tweeted to say that the fold.3’s under panel camera transmittance is over 40which is much higher than anything else we’ve a smartphone we still need plenty of light toget into the camera sensor otherwise it’s going to.result in poor quality photos like we’ve seen fromother smartphone manufacturers it’s unlikely would release anything that was too poorfor selfies otherwise it could greatly harm sales.of the device although on the fold 3 there’s alsogoing to be a backup selfie camera in the form of.a punch hole on the external display ice universeadvises that the light transmittance is high’s close to the experience of a normal camerabut he tells us the appearance isn’t perfect.according to ice universe it looks like a mosaicwhere the camera is but to be honest as long as.the camera is working well then it’s still betterthan a punch hole it’s likely to look similar to.this smartphone from axon but i would imagine thatsamsung’s version is improved and less obvious.but this is the effect we’re talking about nowpersonally i think it’s better than a punch.hole and we have to expect this kind of thingon the first generation of the technology but.let me know what you guys think in the commentsbut overall the fold 3 is shaping up to be an.incredible folding phone with more durabilityand practicality than the two predecessors.with the news of them removing the crease marksin the fold i think this is definitely going to be.their most successful folding phone yet for thoseof you excited for the galaxy z fold 3 we’re now.going to run through the expected specs design andthe pricing to help you guys decide if this is for you for my regular viewers you guys havealready seen this so just skip to the next video.but if you’re new here then make sure youhit subscribe and we’ll get right into when it comes to the samsung galaxy z fold3 the main inner display is actually going smaller than the predecessor coming in at 7.5inches it is of course only 0.1 inches smaller’s going to be an ltpo panel with 120hz refreshrate resolution is currently unconfirmed but it’s.likely to remain close to the 2208 by 1768 wesaw on the predecessor and it’s going to be the.first folding phone to support the s pen thisis thanks to an increase in screen protection.with a 60 micrometer ultra thin glass now thefront display is reportedly remaining the same.size as the predecessor and comes with a 6.2 inchamoled display so if the inner display is size and this display remains the same thenwe’re hoping for slightly trimmed down bezels.when it comes to the cameras we’re getting apunch or selfie camera on the front display.and an in-display selfie camera on the mainthe exact lenses and sensors are not the moment although we do expect them tobe similar to the 10 megapixel wide angles.that we saw in the predecessor when it comes tothe rear we’re expecting a triple camera the new subtle camera housing and there aremany reports of minor changes if any so expect.a 12 megapixel wide a 12 megapixel telephoto anda 12 megapixel ultrawide camera when it comes to.ram and storage we’re expecting the z fold 3 tohave 16 gigs of ddr5 ram with a choice of 128.256 or 512 storage there were rumors of an amd andsamsung chipset but it looks like the fold going to be using the snapdragon triple eightit’s all going to be powered by a 4275 milliamp.hour battery with 25 watt fast charging and whileit is slightly smaller than last time with the new.chip efficiencies smaller display and ltpo panelthen we should still see an improvement in it will of course ship with one ui threebased on android 11 and it’s going to be beige black green or silver color options whenit comes to the pricing nothing has been confirmed.just yet we’re expecting it to launch around twothousand dollars to 2100 if we see the usual price.increase so overall the samsung galaxy z fold 3 islooking like an incredible phone and it’s great to.see more innovation in the smartphone industrywith plenty of leaked information coming through.we can be pretty sure that most of the informationis correct but with launch expected in august.then it’s not long until we get the officialconfirmation from samsung of course as always i’ to know your thoughts down in the commentswho out there is excited for the z fold 3 and you think about the in-display selfie camerabut thanks for watching the video if you smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbsdown twice and i’ll see you guys in the next

62 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – Competition Destroyed!

  1. Straight from Canada's High Arctic right here to comment you have Supernatural videos mate. ✌🏻Yes, it has S-Pen support on 120Hz screen(s)…!

    I wouldn't mind that "effect" on the phone with the camera in the display. Better than a punch-hole on that big screen. 👍🏻

  2. So I'm curious if you know much about the polarized display… I have the fold 2 and when I use the internal display on a horizontal view while wearing polarized glasses I can't see anything. It is like it has security glass. Do you know if this will fix this problem? It drives me nuts because taking a photo or using directions when the phone is open and in this view is impossible with glasses on!

  3. Heard the price might drop to £1600, but even then is it worth it for what it actually is? It got me thinking about how many phones or tablets I could buy for that money etc. Unless the cost drops significantly I fear this awesome product will become a victim in itself.

  4. Coming from a Z Fold 2 new features are few and far between are certainly not enough to make me change. It's heavier, has a slightly smaller battery, the same outer screen, and the same charging capability, and only a tiny upgrade on the camera, I might have changed if it rocked S21 standards, so in reality for me a very disappointing phone.

  5. I really love Google Pixels series. All thanks to Crypto I was able to buy it for everyone in my household as a celebration, didn't cost me much cause i purchased with Bitcoins

  6. Lets wait for the final form factor. If it's a ugly brick the fold 1 and 2 with a big gap when folded, a very noticeable crease and unsymmetric front. Huawei showed how a proper foldable is done. I expext nothing less from Samsung, everything else is a disappointing.

  7. Not gonna pay for a flagship phone that comes with last years chipset. Thats crazy trash that its that expensive and wont even have this years top of the line chipsets that are coming out soon.

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