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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands-On Impressions!


everyone it's known from tested I'm here at Samsung's Galaxy unpacked event along with hundreds of other people checking out the new Galaxy S 20 as well as yes they have another foldable phone this is the Galaxy Z flip Z flip question number one can you pop it open as you can with one hand as well it is a really interesting form factor unlike galaxy fold last year which of course had many problems which we won't talk about today this like Motorola's new razor phone is a very tall screen in fact it's a twenty one point nine or twenty-two by 9 aspect ratio essentially resolution is about 26 36 by 1080 if memory serves me correct you're getting about 700 more pixels long wise than you would buy a 1080 1920 by 1080 pixel wide phone definitely longer than your 16 by 9 if you're watching $699 video content which you can of course do here in portrait mode or or landscape mode in landscape mode if you're watching a video you will not see their new camera whole pinhole the hole punch whatever you want to call it that's gonna be on a lot of phones this year I'm still not sure if I like that over not heavily like it over having a pinhole that's off-center this one is centered but I'm also a fan of phones that have the cameras hidden in a compartment in which it pops off it's that way you get actually do get up a full screen I've used it for a few minutes here in both the hinged mode as well as the full mode hinge mode I'm not super sold on it mostly because there is not a lot of software that takes advantage of Samsung does have their standard multitasking to go run applications in Windows or you can have them split screens so an application like video or camera can take the top part of your screen and it's like a web browser no its calendar can take the bottom portion of the screen which you use as a keyboard or almost like a trackpad that's kind of neat I don't see myself holding and using the phone or browsing the web with it hinge that often I do like it this way I really liked all designs I do think single column browsing on social media browsing web pages looks really nice when you have that vertical space as opposed to having a lot like a phone that's more boxy or or rectangular I like the tall of screen is what I'm saying there's also when you close the phone it is a mirror finish they have three different finishes already lots of smudges fingerprints I think this one even already has a light scratch on it so you don't want to take care of it but in addition to the camera here you also have a tiny screen which displays information like time notifications but interestingly you can also use it as a viewfinder for the front-facing camera which technically I guess is the external camera but it's front facing when you have it close isn't this aspect ratio this one point one inch screen so you're getting a crop view of what you take but it's efficient enough even want to see you know your eyes where you're looking at what kind of look we're on the world next year that is a pretty nice screen refresh rates pretty good good amount of color better than I would have thought for something that's on the outside of the phone this is OLED on this phone here unlike the GS 20 it's not the full 120 Hertz it's not the highest resolution but one thing I did like is that the phone does feel pretty light it's a 3300 milliamp battery split between top and bottom using an octa-core processor I think on this one is eight gigs of ram 256 feeds just storage but they are charging a premium for this it's gonna start at thirteen hundred and eighty dollars the hinge if you feel here you can feel a little bit of a divot on that flexible screen and if you shine it the correct angle you can see a little bit of that scene they say they tested this up to two hundred thousand fold so we'll have to take their word back because I'm not gonna do that here today I do like that you can hold this at multi positions I think there are three basically main positions anywhere in this kind of top 30% radius it stays pretty still but once you get it far enough then it pops open and they do say there are basically not exactly a gasket but they have some almost tiny bristles in here prevents us from getting into their new mechanical hinge if you notice on the side there is almost a plastic bumper here that prevents the screen from popping off also prevents dust from getting on the side here but I think the benefits of having a focal screen isn't necessarily using it as a multi screen display I think Google is gonna need to have its developers really support that right now you have YouTube you have duo for split screen stuff but really it's about the compactness of the form factor and this being relatively light relative compact something can slip into short pocket or your backpack or your purse or back pocket and then flipping it out to get a really tall screen is what they're going for again it's on sale at the end of this week February 14th for thirteen hundred and eighty dollars and that's the Galaxy SIII all right before you go of course there's the GS 20 she s 11 to 19 be damned they're going from 10 to 24 2020 of course three models here galaxy s 20 galaxy s 20 plus and the galaxy s 20 ultra which is what I have here so much stuff in this phone six point nine inch screen it's white massive force has that center hole punch camera new things here I think three big new technologies one 120 Hertz screen no dynamic refresh straight this time you're gonna get 120 Hertz or 60 Hertz and you want to max out the resolution you actually limited to 60 Hertz I think most people are just gonna use it at the lowest resolution at a 120 Hertz because the smoothness you get a benefit of that much more than you do of the higher resolution unless you're using the 8k video but we'll get to that there's also 5g capability on all the phones across the line that's new this year but of course you'd have to have 5g service in where you live and then we're gonna have that here we're limited just to LTE so can't test that and of course you're buying new phones also for the camera system and the ultra has the most interesting camera system because not only is there an ultra wide camera your standard camera but also there is now a periscope camera with what they're calling the space zoom hundred X 10x optical x annex digital equals 100x zoom it's kind of ridiculous I don't see anyone ever using it for filming video we tried zooming all the way to 100x it looks quite process to get almost the same type of edge enhancements that you get with like a posterized filter and using photoshop and it's mostly if you want to see a detail now if you really want to capture the detail with the camera they're usually of course AI to do things like image processing at one 10 to the second you can hold the phone shoot a 10 second video and they'll give you like 14 different options for framing for boomerangs for videos and it does shoot very high resolution video up to 8k which you're gonna display where I guess on YouTube with some YouTube compression or if I guess if you have a samsung q LED TV you can also to that or watch it on the phone here honestly the light here isn't great so take a video that we shot here didn't look that good but 8k videos you can also take photos capture stills and get a thirty-three megapixel equivalent photo from an 8k video which is kind of nice in the presentation they're talking about a lot of content creators a lot people using this phone instead of big camera rigs but you know most of people here I see they're on dslr's there are merest cameras a lot of people yes also shooting with their phones as well but it's gonna be mostly a compliment to the dedicated cameras I still don't think this is gonna be replacing our dedicated cameras anytime soon it is going on cell March six starts at $1,000 for the GS 20 all the way the GS 20 ultra the base model for that will be $1,400 it's quite a big phone and it's their galaxy flagship for 2020 now you wait for the note 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 see you in five years

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