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Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch – Which comes out on top ● Tech News ● #TECH


Galaxy Watch was unveiled at the South Korean tech giant's Unpacked event on August 9 and is set to release at the end of the month for US customers and the UK on September 6 Such functionality appears to bring Samsung's smartwatch close to the Apple Watch in terms of raw functionality, but with the American tech giant presumed to released a revamped Series 4 wearable later this year, can the Galaxy Watch really compete? 1

Design Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch differ vastly in terms of design with the former opting for a circular-shaped wearable and the latter for a more square look The Galaxy Watch is available in two case sizes; a 42millimetre and a massive 46millimetre, meaning it might not provide a perfect fit for people with smaller wrists In contrast, the Apple Watch is offered in a smaller 38millimetre case size and a 42millimetre, meaning it will likely be more comfortable for most people While the design of the Apple Watch is well established, notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for KGI Securities, previously declared the American tech giant's newest watch will sport a new design The analyst insisted the screen size on the new set of Apple Watches will be 15 percent larger than they are currently

However it was not explained whether Apple would achieve this by increasing case sizes overall or reducing bezels on the display 2 Features In addition to providing built-in network support, the Galaxy Watch also touts increased battery life with Samsung claiming the largest version of the device can be used for a week on a single charge If Samsung can give customers battery life to last an entire week on a single charge it would provide a big reason to pick up the Galaxy Watch over other wearables Galaxy Watch can be dunked in up to 50metres of water thanks to brand new levels of resistance present

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo insisted Apple will deliver a better battery in the forthcoming Apple Watch in addition to better health sensors The American tech company has always made fitness and health tracking a huge part of every wearable unveiling and it is presumed this year will be no different This means the Apple Watch Series 4 could come with a multitude of new functions

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