Samsung Galaxy S22 – wait WHAT?

Samsung x Olympus for Galaxy S22 Ultra 2022. Galaxy S22 to use ARM V9 Based Exynos Chip, Radeon AMD Graphics, Galaxy A82 LIVE Hands on & More!

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73 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S22 – wait WHAT?

  1. I'm glad samsung will be buying oled TV panels from LG cause their qled tvs are ridiculously expensive. Hopefully this lead to making oled panels on tvs more popular and possibly cheaper in the future

  2. unexpected my ass. 2 years in a row samsung can't make their ultra phones focus with main camera. They are so lost and clueless that NEED help. It was about time pal

  3. I think this years A52, 72 and 82 are disappointing and not worth investing, certainly for the price. I think its a better deal to invest in an A50, 51, 70 or 71 this year, save some money, support developers to vastly improve an polish software and wait for next year. I just see some weird compromises with this year's midrange phones for the price. Olympus is interesting but merely a "me too" gesture, joining other smartphone brands collaborating with camera brands. I think they're doing it out of solidarity. I think Corona is still is a tough time for any people and companies. I don't u derstand Samsung is still investing in arm for next years flagship when the current trend is all oems seem to want to make their own chip designs. I would think Samsung would continue pushing a vastly improved Exynos flagship chip. The news of an S22 with yet another arm chip doesn't coincide with the trend.

  4. And after all this hype with the biggest sensor and numbers , the 12mp iphone 12 will fuc every smartphone camera . Why ? Because its 80% about the software and processing style and performance

  5. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  6. Samsung could really benfit from the micro four thirds sensor that Olympus makes. It might be cool if it's an interchangeable camera system using Olympus lens. It can have a pancake lens by default which will make it still flat relatively but significantly better image quality. Go with 50 mega pixels instead of 120 as you are placing ba larger sensor and make it able to shoot raw. Samsung's built in manual mode beat some entry level DSLR already so this will be nice concept I think. Not to mention that Samsung used to be a camera company in the past.

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