Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – THIS IS WEIRD

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to have under display camera technology but turns out that may not happen according to the latest information. Samsung is facing quality and yield issues, the company wasn’t satisfied with the image quality, and they are facing trouble manufacturing the components to be equipped in …
The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to offera number of camera improvements over its predecessors.which include a sensor-shift stabilizationsystem, a continuous periscope zoom camera.aka variable zoom lens, and the under-displaycamera technology..But turns out Samsung might skip this techthough and launch the Galaxy S22 Ultra without.the under-display camera..Here’s why..According to a Korean website Naver, insidesources have told them that the company is.facing quality and yield issues, the companywasn’t satisfied with the image quality,.and they are facing trouble manufacturingthe components to be equipped in millions.of Galaxy S22 units, thus forcing Samsungto ditch the tech on the upcoming Galaxy S22.smartphones..Additionally, a mosaic pattern of the OLEDpanel appears in certain situations something you notice on current under-displaycamera smartphones..Weirdly enough, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will havean under-display camera which might raise.some questions that if the tech is ready forthe Z Fold 3 then why not for the Galaxy S22.Ultra..Well, like I’ve said the main problem hereis the manufacturing..I mean the Galaxy S series sells in tens ofmillions, Samsung is expecting to sell a couple.of hundred thousand units of the Z Fold 3this year..That’s a day and night difference and thuseasier for them to keep up with the yield.rates for the foldable..Also, the Z Fold 3 has two front cameras,so if a user isn’t satisfied with the quality then he has the option to fallback on the camera of the cover display..Unfortunately, the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’thave that luxury so it’s no surprise that.Samsung doesn’t want to risk it with theirmost important flagship line..But there’s some good news as well..The report says Samsung will take its timeto perfect its under-display camera to isn’t visible and that photo quality isup to standard..As a result, we likely won’t see the finishedproduct until the second half of 2022 in conventional.phones..The source also says the Galaxy Note 22 willdebut this technology in normal Samsung smartphones..A few days ago we got to know that Samsungis bringing back the Note lineup because their.experiment with the S21 Ultra failed..Not only the phone failed to meet their salesexpectation but the S Pen didn’t see sales.numbers that is considered good..With that said, a few days ago the specificationsof the Snapdragon 895 were revealed..This chipset will go inside the Galaxy S22lineup in the US, Canada, and China..It was revealed that the chipset will be madeon a 4nm process and it was thought that TSMC.will make it for Qualcomm..Turns out that’s not the case, Samsung willagain manufacture the chipset for Qualcomm..And just like Qualcomm, Samsung will alsomanufacture their own Exynos 2200 chipset.on 4nm nodes as well..So expect no performance gap on the CPU sideof things..In fact, both the Exynos and Snapdragon chipsetswill see a 30% boost in performance this year’s flagship chipsets..AMD has also confirmed that their RDNA 2 GPUon the Exynos 2200 will support ray tracing.and variable rate shading which we’ve onlyseen on gaming consoles and gaming PC’s so.far..Whether or not Qualcomm could bring ray tracingto the Snapdragon 895 remains to be seen..In any case, I’ll make sure to keep you postedso do consider subscribing for that and as.always I’ll see you tomorrow…peace out.

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – THIS IS WEIRD

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G did its job better with having it's Premium Infinity-O Displays And Its Best Display On A Smartphone Period.

  2. That's great news because the first implementation is usually not the best. Take a page outta apples book Samsung. The s21 ultra front camera is great.

  3. May be samsung is getting under display good quality of pictures in fold 3 because of ultra thin glass…but the same thing is not happening with thick glass in S22 ultra

  4. S22 no UDC because how else could they sell the note 22….👎👎👎 Doesn't matter, trading in or selling my s21 ultra for a pixel 6 pro and then staying with Google.

  5. These stupid chipsets are overrated, I have a phone running on sd 835 plays must games at a stable 60 fps, is fast enough,
    Like what the hell does a thirty percent power jump even imply?! These morons need to focus on battery life which is shit on flagship processors regardless of the fabrication process

  6. Would like to see the Note 21 FE utilize the snapdragon 895, 144hz, 5000mah battery and the usual bell and whistles prior to the holiday season but that could mess with their S series launch at the start of the year.

  7. It's best with punch hole but I think we will miss that half inch sensor implementation that samsung was testing with OIS I thought it would place under display but that's not case. I think next year they will.

  8. You can already tell 2023 will be a big, revolutionary year for mobile phones. We'll finally achieve the perfect glass form factor while APPLE will seek to combine the ipad mini with the iphones in terms of their foldable.

  9. Hey Sal, do you have any info on what 2022 release schedules would be like?
    Early 2022 : S series , Mid 2022 : Fold series , Late 2022 : Note series?
    or Samsung considering Note series may launch together with Fold series / together with S series?

  10. If samsung just stops All the other lineups and only just focus on flagship s lineups it can beat apple like nothing by focusing on the processors

  11. Well its a simple test…
    Its ready for the Fold 3 because the folds simply dont ever have the perfect spec sheets like the Z flip.. plus they will see how the Fold 3 sales go with the tech, besides on these UDC we have seen so far the image quality is very poor, so selfies will be awful… they can test it on the Fold 3 and if falls flat, then there right to not bother…
    Samsung bringing spens to S21 ultra was a good move, huawei did it with the 20x but people are now wanting to spend less on accessories 🙂
    The note needs to stay that box shape, if they change anything alot the note will fall flat. S21 was lovely but still looked crap compared to the Note 20 Ultra

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